Gluten-Free: The Basics

Prior to becoming a healthcare professional, I underwent my own journey of discovering health which included a gluten-free lifestyle. I was guided by a wonderful naturopathic physician that changed my life. I honestly was never tested for Celiac Disease, however, … Read More

Is Your Bag Hurting Your Back?

School books, electronic devices, busy schedules requiring you to have your “life” in your bag… all of these things contribute to the weight of the bags we carry. The more we pack in there, the heavier the bag! Whether you’re … Read More

No Sugar Added Banana Flax Chocolate Chip Muffins

Kids come home hungry! However, we want them to be alert for their homework, healthy for their bodies, and able to rest when it’s time for bed. So what snack do you choose?

These healthy muffins (or mini muffins if … Read More

Essential Oils for Focus

It’s the time of the year that our children are headed back to school and our focus turns to ways that we can help them perform and feel their very best even when they are away from us. We want … Read More

Upcoming Events

Events Anniversary Celebration Date: Sat., Oct. 21     Time: TBD Our 1-year anniversary in the new building is almost upon us! We are excitedly planning a day of celebration and will share more details with you as they become available. Stay … Read More

Massage for Better Focus

Touch is an integral part of our well-being for people of all ages. We understand how important it is for babies, but we often forget just how vital it is to children and how beneficial it can be for their … Read More

Improve Learning… Cut the Sugar!

As the school year begins, we’re focused on helping our children excel in school as much as we can. Did you know that there is a discrepancy between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Psychiatric … Read More

This Month’s Class: Post-Rehabilitative Care with Special Guest Instructor, Brian

Brian has been a certified personal trainer for 20 years working with all level of athletes as well as beginners and special populations. He also works case by case with chiropractors to help the rehabilitation of their patients. For 11yrs … Read More

Reducing Toxins in Your Home with Essential Oils

When our grandparents were coming of age, we didn’t have to worry as much about our toxic load. We ate cleaner food, we drank more water, and the ‘chemicals of convenience,’ such as drive through containers and plastic bottles were … Read More

Why You Should See Your Chiropractor After Any Injury

Frequently we hear a story like this, “Well doc, I did fall on the stairs about 2 weeks ago. I thought I could work it out myself, but I just don’t feel right still.” Or another classic scenario is “I’ve … Read More