Nutrient Support For Your Joints

In our office we see a variety of ailments walk through the door that have the common theme of muscle or joint pain.  As chiropractors and massage therapists, we do our part to address these complaints by finding the source of pain … Continued

The Chiropractic-Nutrition Connection

If you’ve seen a chiropractor before, chances are the topic of nutrition has been brought up.  Whether it’s to discuss the need for weight loss to help reduce low back pain or to fuel your body right for an upcoming … Continued

Promoting Total Wellness with Essential Oils

In this day and age, we are all looking for ways to increase energy, lift our mood, and promote better health for ourselves and our families. In our quest for better health, we know that we want true health- the … Continued

Fun Nutrition Facts

You are what you eat… Right? We’ve heard this for many years, but in this fast paced world sometimes good nutrition seems like a challenge. We are here to help with some facts about nutrition that will get you thinking … Continued

Inflammation Fighting Egg Rolls

This clean eating egg roll recipe was adapted to promote the reduction of inflammation within the body. Introducing certain spices, such as turmeric, into recipes can help fight inflammation and promote a better sense of wellness within your body! INGREDIENTS … Continued

St. Patrick’s Day Massage Contest

Do you have the luck of the Irish?? Rely on your luck and be bold, Guess the number of coins that are gold… Get it right… You just might… WIN A FREE MASSAGE! Stop by the office between March 1st-17th … Continued