Breathe Easier this Winter

‘Tis the season for coughing, congestion, and the ick! January and February are notorious for the onset of cold and flu season. The irony is that often germs are killed outside in the cold. Inside our homes, work places, and … Continued

Chiropractic Subluxation

As chiropractors, we often hear patients explain to us that their pain is due to something being “out”.  For example, it’s common to hear phrases such as “my back went out again”, “my hips are out”, or “I can feel … Continued

Understanding Nutrition: Macronutrients

What Do I Need To Know About Macronutrients? Many people who want to improve their health and lifestyles have become interested in following a macronutrient program. So, what does this mean, and what does it involve? Here, we look at … Continued

Massage, Chiropractic, or Both?

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a “crick” in your neck?  Have you ever dropped your car keys and feel that “pull” in your back as you bend over to pick them up?  Do you suffer from … Continued

Essential Oils: Lemon

Lemon is one of the top selling essential oils on the market.  Lemon is extremely versatile with its many uses and benefits. The purifying and cleansing power of lemon oil can be used for the health benefits. It can also … Continued

New Classes for 2019!

Detoxify & Purify Your Body! Tuesday January 8, 2019 from 6-7 pm Looking for a healthy start to the New Year? Dr. Amanda will be explaining all of the different ways our bodies are exposed to toxins, how those toxins … Continued

2019 at Body Logic

We would like to wish everyone a Safe, Healthy, and Happy New Year! Call us today to schedule your next adjustment, massage, or nutrition follow up so you can keep Moving Better, Feeling Better, and Living Better in 2019! (757) … Continued