May Updates

Mother’s day gift certificate sale now until Sunday May 12, 2019! Receive $10 off any 60 minute massage or $15 off any 90 minute massage! Enter code 10$offmd to receive $10 off any 60 minute massage, or 15$offmd for $15 off any 90 minute massage!  Click here to purchase!


Holiday Hours: We will be closed Memorial Day Monday, May 27. We we will reopen on Tuesday, May 28 with normal business hours. We hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend!


Doctor’s will be out of the office, call now to book your appointments!

Dr. Amanda and Dr. Scott will be out of the office Friday, May 24th.

Dr. Matt will be out of the office Tuesday, May 28th – Friday, May 31st. 



Public Service Appreciation! We want to say Thank You to our community! From May 13-25 bring in your valid Police/Fire/EMS badge to receive $9.11 off ANY massage!! (not to be combined with other special offers, sorry!)





Congratulations to our Winners!

Harry B. won the essential oils trio, and Walter H. won a 60-minute Swedish massage from our Cheers to 10-years Contest!! Curious as to what the right answers were? See below!

What Chiropractic school did she attend?

New York Chiropractic College

What is her favorite color?


How long has she lived in Virginia Beach?

10 years

Where is she from?

Olean, NY

What is her favorite junk food?


What is her astrological sign?


How long has she been married?

6 years

What pets does she have?

2 cats

What is her favorite meal?



Save your Back While Spring Cleaning!

We made it!  We got through the winter months without any snow this year, and spring has sprung.  Along with better weather comes all the yard work.  Every year at Body Logic we see an uptick in injuries resulting from spring cleaning, both inside the home and outdoors.  Lower back injuries are common, often resulting from bending over pulling weeds, lifting bags of debris, or shoveling and raking mulch.  So-called “repetitive stress injuries” such as tendonitis often present themselves as a result of repetitious activities like pruning, trimming hedges, weed-whacking, and edging.

Why do these injuries occur so prevalently in the spring?  Partially because, simply, we haven’t done these activities in several months.  Our bodies adapt to the stressors we put on them. However, during the winter months there are no weeds to pull or grass to mow so our bodies become deconditioned.  It’s hard on the body when suddenly those demands are placed on it again.  One of the best things you can do to prevent injuries from spring cleaning is to take your time.  All the work doesn’t have to be done in one weekend!  Returning to yardwork and outdoor activities gradually gives your body time to adapt to the seasonal demands and then can tolerate more as time goes on.  Doing too much too soon is an invitation for aggravation.

Treat your spring cleaning like exercise, because it is!  It requires long periods of time on your feet, walking more than usual, and bending and turning and lifting in ways that we haven’t since we finished the yard work last fall.  If you stopped going to the gym for 4-6 months you wouldn’t expect to be able to squat or bench press the same amount of weight your first day back at the gym.  So ease back into the yard work also, and do the same recovery activities you would after a good workout too, like stretching, drinking more water, foam rolling, and resting.

What else can you do? 

-Lift with your legs, not your back. Yes, it’s a cliché, but it’s also true.  Squatting down to pick something up engages a lot of big muscle groups, whereas bending over at the waist puts an enormous strain on your lower back.

-Take a “drop step” and pivot instead of twisting at the waist, especially when holding anything remotely heavy.

-Ask for help.  If you’re worried something might be too heavy or hard for you to do on your own, it probably is.

-Get adjusted regularly.  Routine adjustments help to maintain proper joint mobility and muscle activation patterns, which will let you do the work with less strain on your body. Call us today to make your appointment! (757) 427-0355


Spring into Body Logic!

No show/Cancel Policy: Due to the availability in our doctors and massage therapists schedules, we will be enforcing our No show/cancel appointment policy more strictly. If you do not call to cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment time, or you miss your appointment without notifying our office you will be charged a $20 fee.

Mother’s Day Sale coming up, give Mom what she wants!! From April 12-May 12 receive $10 off any 60 minute massage or $15 off any 90 minute massage! Purchase in office or online!




Stay tuned to find out what award we won in the Coastal Virginia Best of contest! Thank you for all of your support!



April marks 10 years for Dr. Amanda practicing in Virginia Beach! We are having a contest from April 15-April 30 that will be emailed through survey monkey. The winner, who ever gets the most questions right, will have their choice of a gift! Either a trio of essential oils (Clementine, Red Mandarin, and Kumquat) or a 60 minute Swedish Massage! Be on the lookout for an email before 4/15/19!




We have some sad news and some good news! The good news first…..we have a new front desk receptionist! Autumn joined our team in March. She just moved to the area in January to be with her husband who is in the Navy and stationed here. Originally she is from Georgia! Welcome her when you come in for your next appointment!

Now for the sad news….Kim, our other morning receptionist/CEC is leaving. She will be relocating to Carthage Texas. She has been a blessing to Body Logic, we are wishing her well on her next journey!


April Events at Body Logic!

We have a few events going on this month!

We have a new product! You will start to see ASEA products around the office. It is a new product that we are learning about, we will be holding monthly classes for you to learn more! Stay up to date with our classes by visiting out website or follow us on Facebook! Click here for a short video!

There will be a Unplugged Youth event at held by Saving Kids Dreams at the Military Aviation Museum on Saturday April 13th from 12-4pm. Unfortunately Body Logic will not be participating in this event, but it is a great charity to support and FREE for the family!!

Tuesday April 23, 2019 530-630pm

Spring clean your body in just 10 days!! Dr. Amanda will be discussing the importance of “spring cleaning” your diet and the impact it has on your overall health! Click here to sign up today!!



On Saturday May 18th St. John’s is having their annual 5k Stingray Run in Sandbridge. Click here to sign up today!

Other marketing events are on the horizon, be sure to stay up to date through our newsletters and E-blasts!


Spring Clean with Lemon Essential Oil

If you’ve been feeling the itch to get some spring cleaning done, you may notice some areas of your home have been neglected for far too long. Luckily, doTERRA Lemon oil can help make cleaning those long-forgotten nooks and crannies easier. Here are 10 ways you can use Lemon to clean your home.

  1. Microwave—Microwaves are notorious for being tough to clean, especially after mishaps involving spaghetti sauce or tomato soup. To ease the pain of cleaning, simply microwave a cup filled with water and a few drops of Lemon, then wipe clean!
  2. Dishwasher—Pour distilled vinegar into a dish and add 5–10 drops of Lemon oil. Place this dish in your empty dishwasher and run on high.
  3. Stove Top—Lemon oil makes cleaning one of the dirtiest areas of the kitchen easy. Add vinegar and Lemon to a spray bottle, and watch the grime disappear!
  4. Appliances—From dust to greasy food spills, appliances collect more dirt than you might think. A simple solution of Lemon oil, water, and vinegar will help you clean toasters, refrigerators, mixers, and more.
  5. Garbage disposal—If you’ve been smelling something funky coming from your sink, it might be time to clean the garbage disposal. This DIY for Lemon disposal refreshers should help!
  6. Ceiling Fan—Fan blades collect dust at turbo speeds and cling to them for as long as you let them. To avoid choking on dust bunnies while cleaning your ceiling fans, spray the inside of an old pillow case with a Lemon/water mixture and loop the fabric around each blade.
  7. Washing Machine—Run a mixture of Lemon oil, baking soda, vinegar, and water through your empty machine on the hottest setting to break up dirt build-up and mildew. Scrub any excess with a sponge, then run the machine again with fresh water.
  8. Trash Cans—Regularly cleaning out trash cans can eliminate odor. For indoor trash cans, spray the inside and outside of each can with a mixture of water, Lemon oil, and vinegar, then scrub with a sponge.
  9. Windows and Windowsills—The same mixture of Lemon oil, water, and vinegar in a spray bottle that you’ve been using all around the house will do wonders for your windows and windowsills. Simply spray glass and wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel, then move onto ledges and sills with a toothbrush or damp sponge.
  10. Air Vents—One of the most overlooked areas to keep clean in your home is the air you breathe! Clean vents with a sponge dipped in warm water, vinegar and Lemon oil to help eliminate allergens and dust from filling the air around you.

Lemon oil acts as a powerful cleaning agent and the possibilities are truly endless! Share this post and let us know how you like to clean with Lemon oil.

This article was provided by doTERRA.  This and more articles can be found if you click here.


Spring is the Best Time to Clean-up your Diet

Have you noticed that outside the trees are beginning to bloom and the flowers are starting to come up? It’s also time to start getting excited about the fresh fruits and veggies that will be available soon.  It makes this time of the year the best time for cleaning up your diet.  Including more fruits and veggies in your diet is an easy way to begin!   Often the menu in the winter months is filled with more comfort foods, starchy casseroles, or meals that have the same vegetables used because, let’s face it, there just isn’t as much variety in the winter.

What does adding vegetables to the diet do for you?  First, they provide a variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients!  You can easily go through an entire day gaining minimal benefit from our foods if you choose processed, carbohydrate-driven options.  The color of our vegetables can be a great indicator as to what nutrients they contain.  For example, orange peppers, carrots, and sweet potatoes contain beta carotene, the precursor to vitamin A.

Second, vegetables contain a good amount of fiber.  Increased fiber comes with a number of benefits. Fiber helps you feel fuller for longer.  Since fiber slows digestion, it takes you longer to feel the hunger pangs.  It also improves stool formation and, therefore, elimination.  Remember, it’s always important to drink lots of water, especially when there is a lot of fiber in the diet.  Some of the more fibrous vegetables include artichokes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and spinach.

Third, adding vegetables to your plate usually means there’s going to be less of something else. As vegetables become a bigger staple on the menu, most frequently the starchy foods lessen.  Before you know it, there’s only room for a protein source and veggies.  Combining different vegetables to make bigger dishes can be helpful.  Here’s an example of a nutrient-dense, fiber-rich, vegetable dish that can be served with fish or chicken.  Nothing else needed!

We are blessed to have excellent farms throughout the Virginia Beach and Chesapeake areas.  You can choose to visit individual farms, especially in the Pungo area just down the road!  Or you can check out the Old Beach Farmer’s Market at the ocean front every Saturday from May through October and monthly in the off season.  Start making your list for each Saturday based on the growing chart below!



For more information on reasons why we should clean up the diet, check out Dr. Amanda’s class Spring Clean in Your Body in just 10-days! Click here to sign up today!




10-years and counting…

As I sit and contemplate reaching the milestone of 10-years in private practice, I am flooded with a variety of feelings.  When I moved to Virginia Beach in December 2008, little did I know my journey would lead me to where I am today.  I officially started on April 13, 2009 as “Chiropractic with Care.”  I admit that I opened the practice as a sole-proprietor.  After asking some questions along the way and writing a business plan, I incorporated Body Logic in September of 2010.  I learned a few things over those short 17 months.  And I have continued to learn every day since.  Did you know that only approximately 35% of small businesses survive their first 10 years of business?  Simply put, the cards are stacked against you when you venture down the path less traveled.  I am happy that it’s worked out!  I’d like to share a couple of the feelings that I experience, and I thank you all for your contribution along the journey thus far.

Strength.  Wow.  10-years.  I am beyond thankful for my education from NYCC, and I feel confident that as a doctor I help people every day.  The time I spend hands-on with patients is invaluable, and I was meant to be a chiropractor.  However, I didn’t know I was meant to be a business owner as well!  For 10-years, I’ve spent a fair amount of time searching deep down inside, questioning if I’m cut out for this.  That wonderful NYCC education did not teach me how to be a business owner, but it did teach me a lot about connecting with people.  My greatest challenge has been learning how to balance an objective approach to a business with my natural compassion for people.  Emotions can make or break you.  And business is business.  It is my goal over the next 10 years to continue be driven by my compassion, with a healthy balance of reality.

Pride and humility.  In general, I don’t consider myself a very proud person.  Dr. Scott might chuckle, however, and say that I’m not shy of a competitive spirit!  However, I am humble and recognize that I didn’t make it this far on my own.  Pride provides the confidence to ask the hard questions.  Asking for help is essential to success.  Humility allows for an open-mind and the ability to learn from others.  Even in the depths of the darkest moments of running a business, I recognized that I’m not the first to go through this.  So, why reinvent the wheel?  Learn from the experience of others and work the problem.  I’ve chosen to surround myself with supportive, positive individuals both in my personal and professional life.  Thankfully, these people aren’t simply cheerleaders.  Instead, these people recognize the hard work that it takes while keeping me grounded when my head wants to go in the sand, or when I find myself dreaming up in the clouds.

Gratitude.  My college swim-coach, whose life was cut short in 2018 after a long-time battle with cancer,  taught me the power of having an attitude of gratitude.  I look around and see so much to be thankful for.  From family, friends, community, staff, and business associates, I have been blessed by those people around me.  Every relationship, even the challenging ones, has helped me grow as a person.  Business taught me to expect the unexpected and my children have taught me that I’m not in control of anything.  I’m along for the ride and am grateful for all aspects of the journey.

Lastly, my patients.  You’ve watched me grow up.  I was only 25 years old the day I opened “Chiropractic with Care.”  From marriage and children to business growth and a new location, I can’t thank you enough for the support that you’ve provided me along the way.  I wish everyone the opportunity to Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better!  It is because of you that I am able to have endless excitement over what the next 10 years will bring.