June 2019 Office Classes

Healing Your Body on a Cellular Level

Wednesday, June 12th  6pm-7pm

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Life is Tough…Living Pain Free Shouldn’t Be!

Tuesday, June 25th 6-6:45pm

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ASEA- what it’s all about!

If you’ve been in the office recently, you may have noticed signs about a monthly classe entitled Healing Your Body on a Cellular Level.  Some of you attended the April and May classes while others have received emails from Dr. Amanda providing some information about it.  If you don’t fall into either of those categories… here’s a little insight into what ASEA is all about!

Science is advancing at a rapid pace in today’s world.  Health and human performance is a hot topic and advancements in science are occurring on a daily basis.  ASEA is a US-based company that developed over the last 10 years.  Their incredible contribution to the science world is in the field of cellular health.  They successfully stabilized the cellular signaling molecules that are responsible for cellular repair outside of the human body.  Known as Redox Signaling Molecules, they provide the intracellular communication that eventually helps determine whether or not a cell should live or die.  ASEA has created a liquid drink (ASEA Redox) and a topical gel (Renu-28) to enhance the bio availability of the redox signaling molecules.

Why is this important? The human body battles oxidative stress on a daily basis.  Our stress levels, environment, and nutrition play an essential role in how much oxidative stress the body is exposed to.  Antioxidants are the defense mechanisms.  Some antioxidants are acquired through the diet. Examples of antioxidants include vitamins A, C, and E and minerals like copper, zinc, and selenium.  The human body has the ability to make antioxidants as well.  Two of the most powerful antioxidants made within the body are glutathione and super-oxide dismutase.  Redox signaling molecules have the unique ability to facilitate antioxidants helping the cells that need it most.  Starting at the age of 27, the human body begins to lose its ability to make its own antioxidants.  The rate of decline is as much as 20% per decade.  With less antioxidants naturally available, the aging process takes place.  And the body shows it!  Wrinkles in the skin, reduced immune system responses, and increased recovery times are just some of the effects we see.

How can ASEA help?  Increasing the number of redox signaling molecules in the body improves the rate at which healing occurs.  The molecules improve the body’s production of our natural antioxidants like glutathione.  And the result is simple, anti-aging!  People consuming ASEA Redox are seeing incredible changes within their bodies.  Improved sleep quality, increased energy, and improved recovery from activity are just the tip of the iceberg.  People using Renu-28 are seeing fewer wrinkles, reduced pain when applied therapeutically, and faster healing of abrasions and other skin conditions.

Want to learn more? ASEA can be used by anyone!  If you have cells, it will help!  We are holding monthly education classes at Body Logic.  Our next class is Wed. June 12th from 6-7pm. Click here to sign up today!  Additionally, you can find information on Body Logic’s ASEA website.  And, lastly, we encourage you to do your own research by looking up “Redox Signaling Molecules.”  Using Google Scholar is the best way to find research articles which are much more valuable than website opinions.  We look forward to hearing your feedback and are happy to answer any questions you may have!


The Power of Chiropractic Maintenance Care

At Body Logic, nearly all chiropractic care follows an order of treatment that includes three phases: relief care, corrective care, and maintenance care.  This protocol helps to alleviate pain, establish correct biomechanics, and maintain improvement long-term, respectively.  Although many patients feel better after graduating both relief care and corrective care, not everyone continues with regular maintenance care.  This typically happens because a patient is feeling better and doesn’t think there is a need to return for more visits.  In reality, maintenance care has its place as part of a healthy lifestyle by retaining improvement from treatment, preventing future injury, and limiting the recurrence of former symptoms.

To better understand why someone would want to spend more time and money to go see a chiropractor when nothing appears wrong, consider your vehicle. Throughout the vehicle’s use, wear-and-tear occurs over time on the external and internal machinery, prompting the need for regular maintenance care. The care helps repair small mechanical issues and fine-tune individual pieces even when the vehicle seems to be running just fine. Everything from changing the oil, replacing filters, and doing tire rotation at regular intervals can extend the life of your vehicle while keeping it working at its best.

Similarly, our musculoskeletal system functions much like your vehicle and is prone to breakdown over the years from injury, aging, and repetitive activity. Therefore, our mechanical structures (including joints, muscles, ligaments, and other supporting tissues) require regular maintenance care in order to stay healthy and perform at an optimum level. Chiropractic care is a practical and affordable way to fulfill this need by servicing these mechanical pieces before bigger problems arise. We strive to prevent the need for orthopedic care and possibly surgery.  Although chiropractors have a conservative focus of treatment and do not handle invasive care (such as a joint replacement), the care they render helps to extend the longevity of our structures at almost any stage.  Having joint manipulation performed periodically, for example, is analogous to doing a wheel alignment.  It helps to significantly reduce the stress on joints that can lead to earlier onset of degenerative joint disease. Other chiropractic services can support this effect by reducing muscle tension, removing fascial restrictions, and correcting faulty ergonomics and movement patterns through rehabilitative exercise/stretches.

A common question that it asked by patients is “how often should I see a chiropractor for regular maintenance?” It is suggested that even in the absence of symptoms, a person should return every 4-6 weeks for an adjustment.  However, higher frequency of care is sometimes advised if multiple, chronic issues are present. If you have ever been to a chiropractor or if it’s been awhile since you were last treated by one, it’s always recommended that you be treated as soon as pain develops… just like your “check engine” light coming on in your car!  Give us a call today at (757) 427-0355 to schedule a tune-up for your body so that you can Move Better, Feel Better, and Live Better!



Keep the Bugs Away with Oils!

As essential oils continue to become a household staple, more research is being performed to understand the potential benefits of their use.  And there’s no better time than now to discuss how oils can help battle the increase in ticks and bugs through the summer months!  Oils can help us through topical application. And it can help our plants too!

Please remember that that FDA does not approve any health claims associated with essential oils.  This is simply because they don’t know!  The information shared in this article comes from different oil users and, of course, doTERRA’s research resources.

Tick Repellent: Clove, Citronella, and Creeping Thyme

One study by European researchers at the Slovak Academy of Sciences investigated the repellent effects of several essential oils against Dermacentor reticulatus, a species commonly known as the ornate dog tick. The results are incredible!  In the control group, more than 95 percent of ticks were reliably categorized as “not repelled” in almost every trial, equating to a repellency rate of less than 5 percent. The contrast in results from the treatment groups was amazing. The red thyme, creeping thyme, and clove essential oil groups showed the highest repellency, at 68, 82, and 83 percent respectively. The mixture of citronella and creeping thyme was the most effective, at 91 percent repellency, which is significantly more effective than either citronella or thyme alone. Even more astounding is the fact that the concentration of the essential oils was only 3 percent of the solution in each trial.  To read the entire article, click here.

Home-made Tick and Flea Repellent Recipe: Peppermint

In a glass spray bottle add the following ingredients:

  • 2 cups distilled vinegar
  • 1 cup water
  • 20 drops of peppermint oil

Safe to spray on animals and humans!

 doTERRA’s TerraShield

 Looking for a pre-made, ready to use formula? A 15mL bottle is available for multi-purpose use from topical application to diffusing it.  A 30mL spray bottle is also available for convenience when on-the-go!

Protect Your Plants Naturally!  

After years of spraying unhealthy, chemically-ridden pesticides on our plants, we have finally realized the potentially detrimental health impacts on the plant and us.  Click on the picture below for a quick guide to how you can arm yourself with natural pest control options!



June 2019 Updates

Father’s Day massage gift certificate sale!!
May 16th – June 16th.

Offer available in office or online!
Enter code FD10$off to receive $10 off any 60 minute massage, or FD15$0ff for $15 off any 90 minute massage!


Office Closure

The office will be closed on Thursday July 4th, 2019 in celebration of Independence Day. We will reopen Friday July 5th, 2019 at regular business hours.





*Fundraiser for our Virginia Beach Community*

Following the tragic events at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center on May 31st, Body Logic has joined the effort in supporting our local community.  In lieu of our usual July massage discount special ($4 off all regular priced massages the month of July), Body Logic will be donating $4 for every massage in the month of July to the United Way of Hampton Roads to benefit the victims affected by this tragedy.  Although the event is fresh in our minds now, the victims’ families and our community will be impacted forever.  We hope to make this an annual donation event to continue the support for years to come.  We encourage anyone willing and able to support our beloved community to donate as well.  Click here to find out how you can help.


Change is in the Air!

The theme of the year is change!  We said goodbye to Office Manager, JoEllen, on May 16th. We wish her the best on her future endeavors and her upcoming wedding!  And we will be saying goodbye to our massage therapist, Veronica, on June 21st.  We wish her all the best as she relocates to Atlanta and starts the next step in her journey!

There are some new faces you’ll be seeing in Body Logic to fill the role of those that have left.  We look forward to sharing Body Logic’s passion for health and community with our new team members!


Becky Hopkins- Office Manager

Becky Hopkins lived in Richmond for the past two years and decided to relocate back to the beach. She is from a little town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia called Cape Charles. She graduated from Old Dominion University with a degree in Health and Physical Education. She taught for a year when she decided to take a trip to Costa Rica and attain her first level of yoga teacher training. The training in Costa Rica inspired her so she left teaching to pursue yoga. Yoga has led her to explore different countries and meet other yoga enthusiasts. When she moved to Richmond she started working for a chiropractor and fell in love with it. Practicing and teaching yoga along with continual chiropractic maintenance has made a huge difference in her body mechanics and overall well-being. On the weekends or evenings, she enjoys a lot of different activities, mostly outside. She enjoys hiking, boxing, fishing, being with her dog, Gypsy, and pretty much anything beach related. She looks forward to being apart of the Body Logic team and meeting all of the patients and clients that also make up a huge part of the Body Logic family.

Autumn Brown- Receptionist

Autumn recently moved to the Hampton Roads area to join her husband who is stationed here through the Navy. She lived in Georgia until January of 2019. She has always been interested in the medical field and helping others. This past December she graduated from Albany Technical College with a certification in Surgical Technology. After finishing the program, Autumn felt like that was not the career path she was meant to follow and decided to look into other healthcare-related fields to possibly pursue. She joined our Body Logic team to learn more about a holistic approach to medicine, and other possible career paths to follow. After being in the office for just a few months she has decided to go back to school in the near future for her Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration. In her free time she enjoys reading, spending time with her family, going to the beach, and spending time outdoors.


Chastity Sua- Massage Therapist

Chastity is a veteran of the United States Navy. She has extensive medical training and knowledge as a USN Hospital Corpsman, medical laboratory technician, phlebotomist, and former student in ECPI Registered Nursing Program. She made the decision not to pursue nursing and pursue massage therapy instead after realizing she wanted to take part in a more hands on and holistic approach to healing. Chastity graduated Summa Cum Laude from Centura College in Chesapeake with an Associates of Occupational Science in Massage Therapy in December 2018. She is trained in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Sports, Pregnancy, Shiatsu, Hot Stone, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy massage modalities. In her free time she enjoys caring for and training American Akitas, making crystal candles and jewelry, and practices Crystal Meditation daily. Chastity plans to continue her education to become a dual licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Chiropractor.