Thoracic, Lumbar, and Digestive Health

Our focus for this month is where the Thoracic Spine and Lumbar Spine meet.

Did you know nerves that come from the spine control part of the GI tract? Did you know those particular nerves exit the spine where the mid-back (thoracic spine) and the low-back (lumbar spine) meet? When the muscles that attach to that area of the spine are tight, it can reduce joint movement causing stiffness. Some people say things like “it feels like my kidneys hurt.” While others say they feel the discomfort in their abdomen.  The muscle often responsible for that sensation is the quadratus lumborum (“QL”). This seated side stretch can help lengthen that muscle to allow for improved joint mobility and a better feeling all around.

Did you know that your spine moves completely different in the mid-back compared to the low-back? The joints between the vertebrae change by 90 degrees! The difference dictates the different movement patterns for each area. The mid-back (thoracic spine) performs mostly flexion and extension (bending forward and backward). The low-back (lumbar spine) performs mostly rotation (turning side to side). We recommend these two exercises for this area of the spine!


Digestion– We are in the thick of cold and flu season… and it’s been a bad season! Did you know our digestive tract houses 70% of our immune system? In addition, having an unhappy gut can cause referral pain into the thoracic and lumbar spine. Making healthy dietary choices is a key component to staying healthy and avoiding pain. But sometimes we need a little help!

Feeling constipated? Gastro-Fiber helps maintain a healthy intestinal environment, and cleanses the gastrointestinal tract. It also contains Fennel, which helps relieve gas, abdominal cramps, and occasional indigestion.


Feeling indigestion? Multizyme helps support the proper breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Multizyme also contains enzymes to help support the gastric and intestinal phases of digestion.



Feeling bloated? ProSynbiotic supports gut flora and overall intestinal health. Improves nutrient digestion and absorption.


Try these products today! They are are available at Body Logic.  We can help guide you to which one would be most beneficial.  For more information on gut health and other home remedies, check out this month’s Essential Oils Class! Click here to register today!




What’s Happening at Body Logic in February?

With the new year brings new faces! We are so excited to introduce our wonderful new team members! Meet Antwan and Adrienne, don’t hesitate to call us today to schedule your next massage with them!

As a professional since 2007, he has had the opportunity to acquire a hefty toolbox of skills to approach a variety of situations with confidence.  As a therapist here at Body Logic, he is thrilled to be a part of a team committed to results and improving upon the health of the community. Click here to read Antwan’s full bio!


As a native of Virginia Beach and Cox High school alumni, Adrienne went on to pursue a degree in massage at the advanced Fuller School in 2006.. She is grateful and excited to be a part of the Body Logic team!  Click here to read about Adrienne’s full bio!



Valentines is fast approaching with February already upon us! Our Valentines Gift Certificate sale is underway from now until the 14th! Gift Certificates are available online or in the office! Receive $10 off a 60 minute massage, or $15 off a 90 minute massage. Happy Valentines Day!


“Essential Oils and Digestion” class will be held on Saturday February 8th at ? at Body Logic. Are you dealing with upset stomachs and intestinal challenges? Essential oils can comfort hiccups, acid indigestion, cramping, and other challenges. come learn these fast acting, safe, and affordable remedies that are easy, and can be started right away! There will be a $10 sign up fee for the class as spots are limited. Click here to register today!

ASEA ” Healing Yourself on a Cellular Level” Will be held on Tuesday February 11th, 2020 at 5:30pm at Body Logic. Want to feel better? Want your body to recover faster? Learn about a unique technology that provides the body with a greater ability to heal itself. Dr. Amanda will be presenting the benefits, and amazing results from those that she has seen lives change from using ASEA. Click here to register for the class! claim your spot before the class fills up!


We want to thank all of our wonderful patients for their patience and understanding while filling out the New Year paperwork, and updating insurance information. If you have not yet had an appointment with us this year, don’t fret! Please allow 10-15 minutes before or after your appointment to fill out the necessary new year paperwork. Also, please bring in your new insurance cards, so we can update your insurance information. Thank you to all the patients that have already participated! We appreciate you all!




January 2020 Health Education

Respiratory health serves a major purpose during these long winter days!  We have the ability to help improve our respiratory health, so that our body can reap the benefits. Try these stretches, exercises, and products to help:

Stretch of the Month: Doorway Pectoral Stretch

The pectoral muscles are located in the front of the chest and attach to the shoulders.  These muscles get very tight from sitting and slouching, especially in front of the computer or tv!  When performing the stretch, focus on opening the front and the back of the rib cage and breathing deep into the lungs.  The stretch will make it easier to keep your shoulders back and prevent slouching.  In turn, the airways open easier for better breathing and improved oxygen availability throughout the body


Exercise of the Month: Scapular Retraction

After performing the pectoral stretch, we focus on strengthening the back.  You can prevent poor posture that causes discomfort and challenges, including neck and back pain, and hindered breathing.  To perform this exercise, you need a light resistance band.  Don’t have one?  Just ask the front desk!  We have 2 different resistances bands for only $5.  Scapular retraction should be performed slowly and with purpose.  It’s not about how “strong” you are, it’s about how well you can maintain proper posture for your body’s benefit!


Product of the Month: doTERRA’s Breathe- oil, throat drops, and vapor sticks! Helps promote easy breathing when you feel like your throat is tight, sore, congested, or if you are experiencing difficulty breathing.  Luckily there are multiple products and applications to help ease the symptoms.


How can Body Logic help?

Chiropractic adjustments improve mobility of the thoracic spine, and rib cage to allow for deeper breathing.

Therapeutic massage enhances flexibility, especially through the neck and chest which also allows the back to relax for deeper inhalation.

Nutrition counseling helps identify causes for congestion and difficulty breathing.

We want you to move better, feel better, and live better!


What’s Happening at Body Logic in 2020!

Congratulations to our new Massage Membership Contest Winner: Beth Shellhart! Enjoy your year of monthly massages!


Essential Oils Class: Our next class “Respiratory Health”  will be held on Saturday January 11th, 2019 at 10:00am at Body Logic.  Learn how to use essential oils for breathing support: coughing, sneezing, and runny noses! Also, to fight against viruses and bacteria to beat the winter germs.  Leave the class with a couple tricks up your sleeve and some oils to help you!  Click here to sign up today!

Have you heard of the change in patient hours at Body Logic? New chiropractic hours start January 2nd! Click on the link to review the hours of availability for Dr. Amanda, Dr. Scott, and Dr. Matt. As always we strive to provide the very best care for our patients.  If there are any schedule conflicts that occur, please do not hesitate to contact the office so that we can find a solution for you. Patient Hours Changing- Jan. 2020

Head start on 2020 patient paperwork!  At the turn of every new year we are required to update our patient information. Please allow 10-15 minutes before or after your scheduled appointment time to accommodate for the time to fill out the New Year paperwork. The New Year also brings new insurance cards. Please bring your new insurance cards to your next appointment, so we can update patient insurance information as soon as possible to prevent filing claim filing mishaps.

We are excited to welcome new massage therapists to our Body Logic Team! Antwan and Adrienne started with us right before the Christmas holiday and are expanding their hours of availability in January..  They both have over a decade of experience and bring some dynamic skills to the table. To learn more about Antwan and Adrienne, we’ll be adding their pictures and bios to the website soon!  As we say goodbye to Chastity, and Rona continues to lessen her hours, we encourage you to give our newly hired massage therapists a try!  We wish everyone coming and going the very best as we transition to the new year!

We are also excited to welcome Kayla to the Body Logic Team as a front desk staff member!  She’s been training with us since Thanksgiving and is now comfortably working as one of our evening and weekend receptionists.  Along with the massage therapists, Kayla’s picture and bio to added to our website soon!