MASSAGE returns to Body Logic starting May 18th

As restrictions are slowly lifted by Governor Northam, Body Logic will begin offering therapeutic massage services again starting May 18, 2020.  Our staff began contacting our massage members that are yet to redeem their March massages this week.  There are some changes that impact the typical massage experience at Body Logic as we want to keep our massage therapists and clients protected.  Please note: Body Logic is not open on Saturdays.  If you are interested in booking a massage, please call and leave a message.  We will return your call in the order in which it was received.  Or wait and call when the office opens on Monday, May 18th at 8am.

Massage hours are modified until further notice.

To help limit the number of people in the office, we are continuing with our modified hours that the chiropractic schedule has followed.  Massage hours will be as follows:

Monday 9am- 6pm

Tuesday 9am-5pm

Wednesday 9am-6pm

Thursday 9am-6pm

Friday 9am-6pm

Please wait to enter the office until your appointment time.

Again, we want to limit the number of people in the office at one time.  We ask that you please wait in your car until just before your scheduled massage to enter Body Logic.  We have 15 minutes built in between massages to ensure the therapist can take necessary sanitary precautions between clients.  This will also limit the number of people in our reception area.

Face Coverings are required for our massage therapists.

To comply with Governor Northam’s phase 1 requirements, Body Logic’s massage therapists will be wearing face coverings.  Since most of Body Logic’s massages range between 60-90 minutes, there is a much greater exposure of shared air with massage clients.  It is also required for the client to wear a face covering.  Please note, our front desk staff is not wearing face coverings at all times in order to perform their jobs to the best of their ability (ex: answering the phones).  We are taking extra sanitary precautions, including using sanitizer when handling clients credit and debit cards.  We understand and respect if you do not want to receive our services until you feel comfortable with our office environment.

Gift Certificates and Bundle Cards will not be sold.

Due to the unpredictability of the COVID-19 situation, we have suspended selling gift certificates and bundle cards.  We do not want anyone to lose the opportunity to redeem their massages!

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding as we navigate through these uncertain times.  Please be safe and make the best decisions for your own safety as restrictions begin to be lifted.


Keeping Your Back Happy During Quarantine

Welcome to the world of adapting with the times!  Let’s be honest… it feels like we’ve been flipped upside down, turned around, and then told to walk straight and not touch anything or anyone.  It hasn’t been easy.  And that includes the physical changes we’re enduring!  Trying to keep your body “happy” during this time can be very challenging.

Kudos to those of you that have viewed Virginia’s stay-at-home orders as an opportunity to focus on your health!  Many patients have been increasing their activity points through yard work, walks in the neighborhood, and trying new exercise routines through various internet resources.

On the other hand, we have patients that have been working longer hours, sitting in front of the computer, munching on unnecessary snacks, and then binge-watching Netflix.  There has to be a happy medium!

How can I set up my at-home workstation to prevent my back from hurting?

Not everyone has their floor plans designed to accommodate a home-office.  We’ve heard patients describe their set up from lounging on the couch to sitting at kitchen counter on a bar stool- neither of which are good for the back!  When working from home, it’s very important to remember to get up every 30-60 minutes to loosen up the body and give your back a break.  Below are the American Chiropractic Association’s recommendations for an ergonomic work-station.  Can you change your workstation to lessen the strain on your back??

  • Keep your feet on the floor or on a footrest, if they don’t reach the floor.
  • Don’t cross your legs. Your ankles should be in front of your knees.
  • Keep a small gap between the back of your knees and the front of your seat.
  • Your knees should be at or below the level of your hips.
  • Adjust the backrest of your chair to support your low- and mid-back or use a back support.
  • Relax your shoulders and keep your forearms parallel to the ground.
  • Avoid sitting in the same position for long periods of time.

Why do I hurt more?? I’ve never been more active in my life!

Adding in activity is good for the mind, body, and spirit… however, the body doesn’t always know how to handle it!

Gardening- Thankfully, the pandemic hit Virginia Beach in the early spring time providing ample opportunity for outdoor activities.  Just a couple weeks ago, USA Today posted an article about the increase in gardening throughout the US.  Gardening is an excellent outdoor activity!  But it comes with sore muscles and achy backs if you’re not accustomed to the work.


  1. Walk around the yard and warm up prior to beginning specific gardening activities.  Simply walking around helps increase blood flow to the muscles, preparing them for more strenuous activity.  Try alternating between short, quick steps and long lunge-like steps to get the heart pumping and add a little stretch.
  2. Squat to reach the ground.  Avoid excessive straight-legged bending at the waist when performing yard work.  This puts significant stress on the discs between your vertebrae and strains the muscles in the back.  Although a stretch is felt in the hamstrings and back, prolonged forward bending makes those muscles work harder.  And the pain is felt later, once your body has a chance to relax again!
  3. Alternate hands when pulling weeds.  We often rely on our dominant hand to do most of the work.  However, this can cause significant body imbalance from right to left.  Work both sides of the body to distribute the demands!

Cooking- With the closure of restaurants due to COVID-19, Americans are cooking more than ever before.  This means more time standing in the kitchen and looking down while preparing meals.  Hopefully healthier choices are being made!  But that doesn’t make for any less physical stress on the body from doing more in the kitchen!


  1. Walk around the kitchen. Just like walking around the yard, the movement helps warm up the body.  You can gather ingredients and utensils needed for meal prep.  It also provides an opportunity to evaluate your kitchen set up for easier use!
  2. Open a cabinet door to rest a foot.  This is especially helpful when washing dishes.  Resting a foot on the cabinet prevents you from locking your knees and makes it easier to squat down when necessary.  Alternating which foot is resting in the cabinet also helps change up how your weight is distributed, often relieving back pain.

Exercising- Now that working from home is encouraged, and in some cases mandated, people have more time available for exercising.  An incredibly positive change for many!  But we’re also exercising from home which leads to more injuries when supervision is not available.


  1. Slow and steady is the best method if you’re new to introducing exercise… and this includes people that were avid athletes in their younger years, but haven’t had the opportunity to maintain an athletic physique since the glory days of old.  There’s no shame in going back to the basics!
  2. Remember to stretch.  For a lot of people, exercise means sweating and burning calories.  Unfortunately, stretching is often neglected with that mentality.  Tight muscles are often a source of ache and generalized discomfort.  It is also essential for preventing injuries!
  3. Discuss your exercise routine with our chiropractors. There’s no better qualified physician than chiropractors when it comes to understanding the mechanics of the body.  Let us help you create the best routine for your body!

Here are 2 exercises and 2 stretches to help you handle the changes in activity!




May 2020 Highlights at Body Logic

Happy May to our wonderful community!  The Earth is changing and preparing for the growing season ahead of us.  While our neighbors to the north experienced some extra snow in spring, Virginia Beach is blooming and ready for summer.  We truly wish everyone health and happiness as the world is still in a state of confusion and concern regarding COVID-19.  We count our blessings daily as our staff has continued to remain healthy and have not come in any known contact with the virus.  Here are a couple of updates about Body Logic… some of which are subject to change based on Virginia’s journey to reopening.

Happy Mother’s Day!

We want to wish everyone filling the “mom” role a very Happy Mother’s Day!!  One of the positive realizations during the pandemic has been a greater appreciation for the patience, compassion, and selflessness that moms can exhibit even in the most chaotic of times.  Typically, this is a time of year we promote our massage gift certificate sales – the gift of quiet, calm, and comfort can be a true blessing for mom!  Although we aren’t providing massages at this time, we are running our annual sale of $10 OFF 60-minute massages and $15 OFF 90-minute massages.  Gift certificates can be purchased online at sale price by using promo codes “10$offMD” and “15$offMD” respectively.  Simply enter the code when viewing the cart to receive your discount!  We will keep everyone updated as to when massage gift certificates can be used again…

Massage is still on hold.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to wait for the green light to begin massage services again.  We understand many of you are anxious to return to the table, but we must adhere to state guidelines to ensure the safety of our community.  Thankfully, we have high cleanliness standards including washing all sheets and face cradle covers after each massage.  We also use and diffuse immune-boosting essential oils in the office and in treatment rooms throughout the day.  We look forward to having our massage therapists back in action, helping our community relieve their mental, emotional, and physical stresses that have been building up for the last 6 weeks.  In the mean time, we will continue to…

Keep it clean while providing chiropractic care.

The enthusiastic “thank you for being here!” comments from our patients have made the challenges during this crazy time seem minimal.  It has truly been our pleasure to continue serving the community.  By modifying our hours, adapting our reception area and check-in procedures, and cleaning high touch-points and our tables between every patient, Body Logic remains committed to your health.  We are now equipped with face coverings that can be worn in the treatment room as per patient request.  We are here for you and your spinal and joint health needs!  Looking for at-home healthy options…

Check out our other health resources!

The pandemic has brought light to the fact that we at Body Logic haven’t been sharing our other health resources as much as we could or should!  As we continue to adapt to whatever the “new normal” will be, it is our mission to bring more attention to the self-care tools we have available for the community.

To start, did you know we have TENs units, foam rollers, pillows, and more available for purchase?!   Just ask!  Our doctors work hard daily providing hands-on care for our patients- why not help yourself at home?!  As social distancing restrictions lighten, we plan to better utilize our gym/meeting space to provide increased exposure and trial use to products that can help you at home.  Watch for changes occurring over the next couple months!

How about our love for doTERRA essential oils?!  We’ve provided various essential oil recipes over the last 6-8 weeks on our social media (@BodyLogicVB).  We have realized that there are a lot of oils in the office ready to be sold!  Please ask the front desk for a list of oils available!  Moving forward, we will be reducing our in-office inventory.  The focus will be on oils used to support a healthy musculoskeletal system along with a few standard, everyday-use oils.  Click here to browse and purchase online!  If you have any questions, our beloved doTERRA expert, Vicki Fersch, RN, is available for consult.

And we can’t forget about our Standard Process supplements!  We will also be narrowing down a focus of supplements available in the office- they’re just too good to not have available.  You have access to purchasing their products online by going to and clicking on Patient Direct.  Click “register” under patient and enter Body Logic’s office code (57FQR9) to request permission to order online.  Not all supplements are created equal- we trust this company and know you are getting what you pay for!

Closed for Memorial Day

The schedules have been crazy and we don’t know what each day will bring.  But that doesn’t change our appreciation for all the men and women that have sacrificed and served our fine country- WE ARE GRATEFUL!  Body Logic will be closed on Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day.  Take a moment and reflect on the beauty and safety that surrounds us.  It has taken many people, past and present, to provide that for us as Americans.  Thank you for your service.