Amanda-255x300Dr. Amanda Meyers-Kuper received her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University at Buffalo. From there, she went on to graduate magnum cum laude with her doctorate from New York Chiropractic College, where she also graduated with a master’s degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Amanda, a native of upsate New York, was a competitive swimmer for 16 years. The culmination of her athletic career was her position as captain of the University at Buffalo Division 1 Women’s Swim Team. As she worked on her Bachelor’s degree at UB, she also began working with the Strength and Conditioning Program for athletes of all sports. Her internship at UB focused on agility and weight training, in which she gained firsthand experience in the connection between the physical, emotional, and psychological demands placed on athletes. Through her undergraduate work, Dr. Amanda became intrigued with the complex relationships of the mind and body, as well as the value of healing.

Faced with personal nutrition challenges, Dr. Amanda furthered her education with a Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition.  This was partially motivated by the discovery that her asthma and allergies, with which she has suffered since childhood, were caused by gluten intolerance. With the help of her family, she changed her diet to remove all foods containing gluten. The difficult process of withdrawal, followed by her subsequent wellness, inspired Dr. Amanda even further, and she now provides nutritional counseling for many conditions.  Due to her personal experiences, Dr. Amanda is very understanding and empathetic toward patients as they strive to restore their own wellness.

Many opportunities presented themselves while Dr. Amanda attended New York Chiropractic College. During her time as a chiropractic student at NYCC, she interned at the Buffalo, NY Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Her work with veterans and older people made an indelible impression on Dr. Amanda. During these times, her personal and professional philosophies and conduct were shaped. She was exposed to significant conditions that result from the physical strains that affect the soldiers who serve our country. In getting to know her patients at the VAMC, she became even more convinced of the relationship between mental and emotional hardships and their effects on the human body. Through these exposures, Dr. Amanda became committed to making patient comfort her top priority. She graduated magna cum laude, and has gone on to open her own chiropractic, nutrition, and massage therapy clinic in Virginia Beach. Dr. Amanda has been caring for patients in Virginia Beach since the spring of 2009.

Dr. Scott and Dr. Amanda were married in October of 2012. They enjoy sharing the same passion and pride for their work, and look forward to continuing to serve the Virginia Beach community together for many years to come.