About Dr. Amanda

Dr. Amanda Meyers-Kuper has been the proud owner of Body Logic Massage and Chiropractic since September 2010.  Over the last decade, she has enjoyed getting to know the Virginia Beach community and sharing the benefits of therapeutic massage, chiropractic care, and nutrition counseling.

Dr. Amanda’s Bio

Dr. Amanda’s vision for providing the best holistic healthcare to the Virginia Beach community continues to be the driving force of Body Logic and its team members.

Dr. Amanda spent most of her childhood in the Western New York region.  She was a very active child, spending most of her time in the pool. She was inspired to pursue an education in the health sciences after experiencing personal success utilizing natural medicine.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University at Buffalo while competing for UB’s Division I Women’s Swim Team. From there, she went on to graduate magnum cum laude with her doctorate from New York Chiropractic College, where she also graduated with a master’s degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition.

Personal experience in the athletic arena, her focused educational background, and coaching experience working with fellow athletes in UB’s Strength and Conditioning Program provided Dr. Amanda a foundation for understanding the importance of proper functional movement patterns.   Dr. Amanda then interned as a chiropractor at the Buffalo, NY Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Her work with veterans and older people made a lasting impression on Dr. Amanda. Throughout her years in the higher education classroom, she also gained personal experience in adapting to necessary dietary and lifestyle changes after discovering that food sensitivities were the underlying source for many of her own health ailments. During these times, her personal and professional philosophies and conduct were established.

Although she still enjoys learning in the classroom, it is her experiences both as the patient and the clinician that continues to shape her approach to patient care. For 10 years, Dr. Amanda has continued learning while treating patients of various ages, shapes, conditions, and backgrounds in Virginia Beach.  She enjoys the diversity a family practice provides, sometimes treating a 4-month-old and a 91-year-old in the same day.

Her experience as an athlete and biomechanical approach to the body makes her a versatile physician that can personalize treatments for a wide variety of patients.  The nutrition component of her background completes the well-rounded approach to the potential health and wellness that lies within all of us.

In her personal time, Dr. Amanda enjoys being married to Dr. Scott since October 2012.  Their family has grown with their two children, Abigail and Nathaniel. Dr. Amanda and Dr. Scott share the same passion and pride for their work and look forward to continuing to serve the Virginia Beach community together for many years to come.

When she’s not busy being a chiropractor and business owner, Dr. Amanda enjoys the outdoors, catching a yoga class, and simply being a mom.

Client Reviews

Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis can be very challenging and if I allowed it to be, very limiting. Dr. Scott and the Body Logic family are my safe place. My regular chiropractic treatments and weekly massages help me overcome the limitations this condition has put on my lift. But when I leave there. I really believe the sky is the limit!


As a Physical Therapist, it’s refreshing to connect with Dr. Amanda and share our stories as colleagues but as moms as well. My days are very busy with patients at the office where I practice, so my chiropractic treatments are great from a physical as well as therapeutic standpoint. It’s relaxing for me to let someone else do the work! Plus, I trust her. Her level of expertise is unsurpassed. I’ve been bringing my son to her since he was five months old and he loves it. We connect on a number of different levels and have the commonality of providing our patients with the best care and treatment plans so they can live their healthiest lives physically and emotionally. Body Logic is one of the best chiropractic practices around.


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