About Dr. Scott

Dr. Scott was born and raised near Buffalo, NY.  A significant sports injury during high school sports led him to pursue and receive his Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Dr. Scott’s Bio

His personal experience recovering from injury and helping other athletes return to play during multiple clinical internships at Duquesne solidified his belief that proper joint mechanics and muscle activity are crucial for maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Subsequently, Dr. Scott continued his education at New York Chiropractic College, where in addition to the normal curriculum he worked as the Athletic Trainer for the school’s recreation department and interned at the Buffalo Veterans Affairs Medical Center.  Dr. Scott graduated from NYCC in December 2008 and moved to Virginia Beach, where he began his career treating patients in the Hampton Roads area. He joined Dr. Amanda at Body Logic in May, 2012 where he has continued to provide exemplary care with a holistic and educational approach.

Dr. Scott uses his experience and expertise to treat a wide variety of patients, including professional athletes and weekend warriors, children and the elderly, members of the armed services, and people with disabilities.  His approach to treatment combines the restoration of joint mobility, rehabilitation of muscles and soft tissues, and proper nutrition to improve the livelihood of patients. His goal is to improve his patients’ quality of life as quickly as possible so they can experience less pain, reach their own unique goals, and live happier and healthier lives.

Dr. Scott and Dr. Amanda were married in October of 2012 and have two wonderful children Abigail and Nathaniel.  They share the same passion and pride in their work serving the Virginia Beach community for over 10 years. In his free time, Dr. Scott enjoys playing soccer, hiking and camping, and listening to music while working in his vegetable gardens.

Client Reviews

I was having a lot of trouble with my hands and arms falling asleep during normal work activities as a painter. Also, I was being woken up during the night with pains in my right arm and hand. I went to Dr. Amanda and she worked on pinched nerves in my neck which was causing the problem. After a couple of sessions I noticed I was not being woken up at night anymore and my arms and hands were not falling asleep during work activities.


Dr. Scott always knows just how to help me and makes me feel good as new in just 15 minutes. 


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