Fight Allergies and Clean with Essential Oils- Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Sales Begin

Hello to all of our wonderful Body Logic patrons!!

What a month March was?!  With all that is going on in the world these days we hope that everyone is doing their part in staying safe, distancing from social settings, and washing those hands like its going out of style! At Body Logic, we are taking our part to ensure that we are all following distancing guidelines within the office as well as keeping the office a safe space through cleanliness practices.

We shortened our patient hours and have spread our staff members into different shifts to decrease the amount of overlap keeping safe distances from one another.  Please click here to view available hours for all three of the doctors. We appreciate your flexibility as we continue to be as available as much as we can.

Essential Oils to the Rescue!

As you all know, we love our essential oils! We have been using doTERRA’s OnGuard products in our office constantly to battle against the germs.  Since spring has sprung, we recognize that many of you are suffering from seasonal allergies!  doTERRA has natural relief for you!  We love using the products from the Introductory Kit: lavender, lemon, and peppermint. Blending the combination of all 3 products can provide allergy relief!  You can blend the combination in a diffuser or make your own roller ball to apply directly to your skin.  Additionally, lemon is also great to use when cleaning! If you start running low on other cleaning supplies that are in high demand right now, check out your essential oil stash for help!  If you need to restock and do not want to leave your house, you can place an order here!

We miss our Massage Therapists!

Most of you should be aware by now of the governor’s mandated closure for all salons of any sorts which included our team of massage therapists. Per Gov. Northam’s request, we stopped offering massages starting March 25th.  We will resume massage scheduling as soon as the mandate has been lifted. We will not be drafting the massage membership program to be fair to our members who will not have the opportunity to schedule.  We will also extend gift certificate expiration dates, to allow for extra time to be able to use your gift certificate.  We are hopeful that we will have our awesome team back address your health care needs sooner rather than later.  For more information, click here.

Gift Certificate Sales

Although providing massages is currently on hold, we still have fun news!! Mother’s Day is around the corner and our annual Mother’s Day Gift Certificate sale starts April 10th!  Mom is always there for us in our time of need and takes care of everyone else before taking time for herself. Let’s show that we care and appreciate all that she has done for us by giving the gift of relaxation!  Especially with the closing of schools for the rest of the year, now more than ever is time to pay her back for her dedication to keeping the family together.  Sale prices are $10 OFF a 60 minute massage and $15 OFF a 90 minute massage.  Online and in-office sale prices available starting April 10th!

Thank you!

We can not thank you enough for your support and being a part of the Body Logic family.  We’ve always had your back and we are thankful you have ours. Updates will continue to be sent via email and posted on our Facebook page.  And we look forward to seeing you for your next appointment!



What’s Happening at Body Logic: March 2020

Happy March everyone!  We have a lot of things happening in the office that we’re excited to share with you!  As always, we appreciate all of you and your continued dedication to your health.  Thank you for allowing Body Logic to be apart of your journey to better health.   First, we have an employment change here in the office. Our current office manager, Becky, will be leaving Body Logic after this month to pursue her career as a yoga instructor. She has been teaching on the Eastern Shore where she lives in her hometown of Cape Charles, Virginia. The opportunity to take that leap of faith to offer her talents to better the health of her community has come to fruition.  We are sad to see her go, but excited for this next step in her journey toward her ultimate goal of being a Yoga Therapist.

We are pleased to announce we have found a wonderful replacement to fill Becky’s shoes.  We are happy to introduce our new office manager, Heather. She will take the reins to support Body Logic’s growth and the excellent care provided to the Virginia Beach community.  Heather is a native of Jamestown, New York and has past experience working alongside a chiropractor in Maryland.  She is a mother to one son, and is excited to receive the honorable badge of becoming a grandmother this coming summer. As a Sandbridge local, she loves being outdoors- hiking, backpacking and connecting with nature.  She is a big believer in finding alternative ways of bettering your health that are less invasive and more natural. We are excited to have Heather join our team and for all of you to meet her!

Test your luck for a chance to win a massage!

Stop by the office and guess how many gold coins we have in the jar at the front desk. The closest guess without going over will win a FREE 60-minute Swedish Massage with one of our stellar Massage Therapist!  The contest will run for the month of March so don’t miss your chance to enter and win!

Need a little pick me up?

This month we will be featuring Standard Process Daily Fundamentals General Health Packets. The General Health packets provide a solid foundation for patients to maintain optimal health. The pack includes a 30-day supply that includes the following supplements: Catalyn, Trace Minerals-B12 and Tuna Omega-3 Oil.  The combination of the three supplements will not only support your joint health, but also provide nutrients to support your heart, brain and vision as well.   It’s the total package to kick start your heart and get your body moving and grooving! Ask the front desk for more information next time you are in for your next adjustment or massage!

Boost your Energy with Essential Oils!

Our monthly class about the amazing affects of essential oils will be held on Saturday, March 14th at 3pm with our favorite oily RN, Vicki!  Come and learn all the amazing properties  essential oils possess and which ones will keep your energy going as you chase those grand-babies (or grand-pups) around!  Keep away those midday slumps with the power of essential oils.  Click here to sign up today!

Enhance your Cellular Health!

On Tuesday, March 10th at 5:30 pm, Dr. Amanda will be hosting her monthly class to talk about the incredible benefits of ASEA, the product that Dr. Amanda herself has found to work wonders, not only for her, but her entire family! Yes, even the kids have seen great results from this product.  The greatest impact seen so far is  that the Redox molecules enhances your cellular health that is impacted by the aging process.   Don’t let your cells slow you down, come check out what its all about! Click here to sign up today!


The Power of Chiropractic Maintenance Care

At Body Logic, nearly all chiropractic care follows an order of treatment that includes three phases: relief care, corrective care, and maintenance care.  This protocol helps to alleviate pain, establish correct biomechanics, and maintain improvement long-term, respectively.  Although many patients feel better after graduating both relief care and corrective care, not everyone continues with regular maintenance care.  This typically happens because a patient is feeling better and doesn’t think there is a need to return for more visits.  In reality, maintenance care has its place as part of a healthy lifestyle by retaining improvement from treatment, preventing future injury, and limiting the recurrence of former symptoms.

To better understand why someone would want to spend more time and money to go see a chiropractor when nothing appears wrong, consider your vehicle. Throughout the vehicle’s use, wear-and-tear occurs over time on the external and internal machinery, prompting the need for regular maintenance care. The care helps repair small mechanical issues and fine-tune individual pieces even when the vehicle seems to be running just fine. Everything from changing the oil, replacing filters, and doing tire rotation at regular intervals can extend the life of your vehicle while keeping it working at its best.

Similarly, our musculoskeletal system functions much like your vehicle and is prone to breakdown over the years from injury, aging, and repetitive activity. Therefore, our mechanical structures (including joints, muscles, ligaments, and other supporting tissues) require regular maintenance care in order to stay healthy and perform at an optimum level. Chiropractic care is a practical and affordable way to fulfill this need by servicing these mechanical pieces before bigger problems arise. We strive to prevent the need for orthopedic care and possibly surgery.  Although chiropractors have a conservative focus of treatment and do not handle invasive care (such as a joint replacement), the care they render helps to extend the longevity of our structures at almost any stage.  Having joint manipulation performed periodically, for example, is analogous to doing a wheel alignment.  It helps to significantly reduce the stress on joints that can lead to earlier onset of degenerative joint disease. Other chiropractic services can support this effect by reducing muscle tension, removing fascial restrictions, and correcting faulty ergonomics and movement patterns through rehabilitative exercise/stretches.

A common question that it asked by patients is “how often should I see a chiropractor for regular maintenance?” It is suggested that even in the absence of symptoms, a person should return every 4-6 weeks for an adjustment.  However, higher frequency of care is sometimes advised if multiple, chronic issues are present. If you have ever been to a chiropractor or if it’s been awhile since you were last treated by one, it’s always recommended that you be treated as soon as pain develops… just like your “check engine” light coming on in your car!  Give us a call today at (757) 427-0355 to schedule a tune-up for your body so that you can Move Better, Feel Better, and Live Better!



May Updates

Mother’s day gift certificate sale now until Sunday May 12, 2019! Receive $10 off any 60 minute massage or $15 off any 90 minute massage! Enter code 10$offmd to receive $10 off any 60 minute massage, or 15$offmd for $15 off any 90 minute massage!  Click here to purchase!


Holiday Hours: We will be closed Memorial Day Monday, May 27. We we will reopen on Tuesday, May 28 with normal business hours. We hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend!


Doctor’s will be out of the office, call now to book your appointments!

Dr. Amanda and Dr. Scott will be out of the office Friday, May 24th.

Dr. Matt will be out of the office Tuesday, May 28th – Friday, May 31st. 



Public Service Appreciation! We want to say Thank You to our community! From May 13-25 bring in your valid Police/Fire/EMS badge to receive $9.11 off ANY massage!! (not to be combined with other special offers, sorry!)





Congratulations to our Winners!

Harry B. won the essential oils trio, and Walter H. won a 60-minute Swedish massage from our Cheers to 10-years Contest!! Curious as to what the right answers were? See below!

What Chiropractic school did she attend?

New York Chiropractic College

What is her favorite color?


How long has she lived in Virginia Beach?

10 years

Where is she from?

Olean, NY

What is her favorite junk food?


What is her astrological sign?


How long has she been married?

6 years

What pets does she have?

2 cats

What is her favorite meal?



Save your Back While Spring Cleaning!

We made it!  We got through the winter months without any snow this year, and spring has sprung.  Along with better weather comes all the yard work.  Every year at Body Logic we see an uptick in injuries resulting from spring cleaning, both inside the home and outdoors.  Lower back injuries are common, often resulting from bending over pulling weeds, lifting bags of debris, or shoveling and raking mulch.  So-called “repetitive stress injuries” such as tendonitis often present themselves as a result of repetitious activities like pruning, trimming hedges, weed-whacking, and edging.

Why do these injuries occur so prevalently in the spring?  Partially because, simply, we haven’t done these activities in several months.  Our bodies adapt to the stressors we put on them. However, during the winter months there are no weeds to pull or grass to mow so our bodies become deconditioned.  It’s hard on the body when suddenly those demands are placed on it again.  One of the best things you can do to prevent injuries from spring cleaning is to take your time.  All the work doesn’t have to be done in one weekend!  Returning to yardwork and outdoor activities gradually gives your body time to adapt to the seasonal demands and then can tolerate more as time goes on.  Doing too much too soon is an invitation for aggravation.

Treat your spring cleaning like exercise, because it is!  It requires long periods of time on your feet, walking more than usual, and bending and turning and lifting in ways that we haven’t since we finished the yard work last fall.  If you stopped going to the gym for 4-6 months you wouldn’t expect to be able to squat or bench press the same amount of weight your first day back at the gym.  So ease back into the yard work also, and do the same recovery activities you would after a good workout too, like stretching, drinking more water, foam rolling, and resting.

What else can you do? 

-Lift with your legs, not your back. Yes, it’s a cliché, but it’s also true.  Squatting down to pick something up engages a lot of big muscle groups, whereas bending over at the waist puts an enormous strain on your lower back.

-Take a “drop step” and pivot instead of twisting at the waist, especially when holding anything remotely heavy.

-Ask for help.  If you’re worried something might be too heavy or hard for you to do on your own, it probably is.

-Get adjusted regularly.  Routine adjustments help to maintain proper joint mobility and muscle activation patterns, which will let you do the work with less strain on your body. Call us today to make your appointment! (757) 427-0355


Spring into Body Logic!

No show/Cancel Policy: Due to the availability in our doctors and massage therapists schedules, we will be enforcing our No show/cancel appointment policy more strictly. If you do not call to cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment time, or you miss your appointment without notifying our office you will be charged a $20 fee.

Mother’s Day Sale coming up, give Mom what she wants!! From April 12-May 12 receive $10 off any 60 minute massage or $15 off any 90 minute massage! Purchase in office or online!




Stay tuned to find out what award we won in the Coastal Virginia Best of contest! Thank you for all of your support!



April marks 10 years for Dr. Amanda practicing in Virginia Beach! We are having a contest from April 15-April 30 that will be emailed through survey monkey. The winner, who ever gets the most questions right, will have their choice of a gift! Either a trio of essential oils (Clementine, Red Mandarin, and Kumquat) or a 60 minute Swedish Massage! Be on the lookout for an email before 4/15/19!




We have some sad news and some good news! The good news first…..we have a new front desk receptionist! Autumn joined our team in March. She just moved to the area in January to be with her husband who is in the Navy and stationed here. Originally she is from Georgia! Welcome her when you come in for your next appointment!

Now for the sad news….Kim, our other morning receptionist/CEC is leaving. She will be relocating to Carthage Texas. She has been a blessing to Body Logic, we are wishing her well on her next journey!


April Events at Body Logic!

We have a few events going on this month!

We have a new product! You will start to see ASEA products around the office. It is a new product that we are learning about, we will be holding monthly classes for you to learn more! Stay up to date with our classes by visiting out website or follow us on Facebook! Click here for a short video!

There will be a Unplugged Youth event at held by Saving Kids Dreams at the Military Aviation Museum on Saturday April 13th from 12-4pm. Unfortunately Body Logic will not be participating in this event, but it is a great charity to support and FREE for the family!!

Tuesday April 23, 2019 530-630pm

Spring clean your body in just 10 days!! Dr. Amanda will be discussing the importance of “spring cleaning” your diet and the impact it has on your overall health! Click here to sign up today!!



On Saturday May 18th St. John’s is having their annual 5k Stingray Run in Sandbridge. Click here to sign up today!

Other marketing events are on the horizon, be sure to stay up to date through our newsletters and E-blasts!


Vote for Body Logic!!!

We are in the running for the Coastal Virginia Best of 2019 contest! You can vote once a day through March 29, 2019! Please help us reach our goal of gold by clicking the link below and voting!!


March into Body Logic!

We are sad to say that our massage therapist, Mike is leaving Body Logic. His last day with us will be on Friday March 8, 2019. He has chosen another career path, working at the shipyard. We are excited for his new adventures, but he will surely be missed!!





Do you have the luck of the Irish? Stop by our office before St. Patrick’s Day for a chance to win a FREE 60 minute Swedish Massage!! The person who guesses the correct number of gold coins in the jar without going over wins! Contest runs now until March 16, 2019.


The Shamrock half marathon is on Sunday March 17th! Our very own Dr. Scott is running it this year!! We wish the best of luck to him and all other participants!!

Our new mascots name is BoLo, the Body Logic Bear!! Congratulations to Angela C., you have won 5ml of On Guard!! When you come to our office you will have to see what BoLo is up to, and where he’s at! He will even make appearances on our Facebook and Instagram pages, follow us to track the adventures of BoLo!


Addressing Musculoskeletal Health Through Balance

You’ve likely heard about the importance of regular stretching and strengthening of muscles since being in gym class back in elementary school. Doing so keeps you feeling loose, in shape, and generally feels good. But did you know that doing these exercises regularly can help you maintain a correct balancing act within your muscles? From a chiropractic perspective, taking time to stretch and strengthen muscles each day can also have profound effects on our posture by helping to avoid muscle imbalances which can cause pain and movement dysfunction.

What is a muscle imbalance anyway? As humans, we’re equipped with skeletal muscles that allow us to move in single planes of motion or combined planes of motion as we choose, but we require even muscle tone or “balance” to be able to optimally move throughout those planes.   Muscle imbalances are functional disorders when a muscle or muscle group is chronically overused and stronger than an opposing muscle or muscle group. This discrepancy creates abnormal tension or pull on muscles, joints, and overall frame resulting in chronic feeling of tension, limited mobility, poor posture, and pain/discomfort. A common example of a muscle imbalance that you’re likely familiar with is having “hunched shoulders” with the head pulled forward.  This position is achieved overtime by having tight, activated upper back and chest muscles while also having weaker, inhibited muscles in the front of the neck and mid back. Chiropractors will refer to this pattern as an “Upper Crossed Syndrome”.  Another common example is known as a “Lower Crossed Syndrome” and can produce low back pain while making you appear like you’re arching your lower back too much.  In this example, a person will have tight, activated low back and front hip muscles while also having weaker, inhibited abdominal and gluteal muscles. There are several other muscle imbalances that can occur throughout the body which can be sometimes be subtle and occurring simultaneously.

Part of a chiropractor’s job is finding these imbalances and then developing an appropriate plan to reverse the pattern. To identify common muscle imbalances, a chiropractor’s examination will often include a few movement tests to assess specific muscle strength, length, and function. If you have ever been asked during a chiropractic visit to perform a simple exercise like a squat or a push up, you were likely being examined for imbalances. If needed, they can have you perform a series of movement tests collectively known as a functional movement screen to find less obvious imbalances. To treat the imbalances, a chiropractor will generally perform a type of myofascial release or trigger point therapy technique to the tight, overactive muscles and follow up with joint manipulation where needed. They will then review a prescribed set of exercises to effectively stretch out tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles where appropriate which can be performed daily for long-term correction.

Call us at (757) 427-0355 and speak to one of our doctors to determine which muscles you need to address appropriately to help you Move Better Feel Better and Live Better!