Healthy Kids and Healthy Spines

In Virginia Beach, there are a wide-range of scenarios our young families are facing as we embark on a new school year.  Regardless of the scenario your family faces, we want to educate you about ways you can support your … Continued

Success Story: A New “Take on Life”

“My New “Take on Life” Gave me the Opportunity to Take ON a New Life!” By: Susan Haas When you chat with Laurie Meyers, you can’t help but smile. Her sparkling personality and upbeat “attitude of gratitude” mentality bubbles to … Continued

What’s Happening at Body Logic: September 2020

Best Wishes, Dr. Matt! It is with appreciation and gratitude that we said farewell to Dr. Matt on August 21, 2020.  Click here to read a letter from Dr. Matt to his Body Logic community of staff and patients. Dr. Amanda … Continued

Farewell, Dr. Matt!

August 12, 2020 Dear Body Logic Patrons, We are formally announcing that Dr. Matt has chosen to move on with his career outside of Body Logic. His last day will be Friday, August 21, 2020. We want to assure you … Continued

Success Story: “I didn’t win the contest, but I still WON!”

Twenty years ago Kristin Russo’s world changed forever. “I was working as a security guard and my life’s dream was to become a police officer. That all changed in an instant, and I found myself in unfamiliar waters.” says the … Continued

What Happens If I’m in a Motor Vehicle Accident- Part 2

Where do I begin? It happened.  The first step is to talk to the auto insurance company.  If you plan to utilize coverage for your medical bills related to the accident, you must create a claim. If you are at-fault … Continued

August 2020 at Body Logic

Welcome August! Virginia Beach is in the middle of the summer season and we feel the heat!  Although there are many important aspects of health we should consider all the time, our biggest focus is hydration.  Water, water, water!  The … Continued

What Happens If I’m in a Motor Vehicle Accident- Part 1

It can happen…  You’re sitting at a red light and suddenly the car behind you rear-ends your vehicle.  Or you’re on the highway and a car cuts you off and brakes suddenly, and you’re not able to brake in time.  … Continued

July 2020 at Body Logic

Can you believe we’re half-way through 2020!?!  It seems like the fastest and longest 6 months EVER… but that’s just a matter of perception.  For some of us, 2020 has brought challenges and struggles that have never been endured.  For … Continued

June 2020 at Body Logic

We welcome June with open arms!  Although it is an uncertain time, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the Earth is bountiful!  We wish you all the opportunity to enjoy the warmer weather (when it’s not raining) … Continued