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Massage-Chiropractic Connection

by Maggie Davis

08312016_2Massage has always been a huge part of what we do here. We are not just a chiropractor’s office with a massage therapist on the staff. We are a team of therapists and doctors working together to promote the optimum wellness for you.

Massage is literally the foundation of the practice. When Body Logic began in 2006, it was formed as a massage therapy clinic. In 2009, chiropractic and nutrition was added to the practice and Body Logic began to truly take on the form that we see today. At Body Logic, the muscles play just as big of a role as the alignment of the joints. Therefore, massage is part of the treatment program for many people whether it is for tension of the muscles or the emotional component behind the pain. This results in the chiropractic treatments being much more effective and the patient/client feeling lightyears better.

As many here know, before coming on board as the Office Manager, I spent my first year 08222016_1here as a massage therapist. When I first started working with Dr. Amanda and Dr. Scott, I quickly realized just how important they saw massage therapy and what an integral role that it played in their treatment plans for their patients. In all the years that I have done bodywork, communication between therapist and doctor has been a very disjointed venture with much of the information being relayed from the therapist to the doctor and vice versa through the patient and this was if the doctor was willing to consider massage for the patient/client at all. The information often came in a few words or muscle names written on a post-it note or a client trying to remember what anatomical terms the doctor used in discussing treatment with them.

08222016_4So, to give you a little ‘behind the scenes’ look into the realm of the massage-chiropractic connection at Body Logic, here is some insight. Everyone who is seen here has a file regarding their treatment. What makes things different as far as the treatment and level of care is that the file is the same for massage and chiropractic. The doctors can look at the therapists’ notes and vice versa. We are also able to make notes and recommendations for the other side to see. Ok, so I know what you’re saying- “what does that do for ME?” Well, the simple answer is- A LOT. This level of communication between all members of your wellness team means that the doctors and the therapists are looking at your body and your treatment plan in terms of your whole body and not just as the parts that hurt or the areas of anatomy they specialize in. It is not uncommon here for your doctor and your massage therapist to actually speak before and after treatment about your care and what each are seeing or feeling while working with you.08222016_3

I could go on and on for days about what an amazing team of doctors and therapists we have here. However, most of you reading this probably already know this. So, what is important for me to share with you is how amazing and unique the massage-chiropractic connection is here and how Body Logic’s approach to using both to help people ‘move better, feel better, live better’ sets this practice apart from any place I have ever had the pleasure of doing massage. As we gear up to move into our new space in the coming weeks, we are excited for all the ways that we can work as a team to help you, your family, and our community feel the very best.

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We Are the Lucky Ones

070716As I wrote the last progression blog entry, it really got me thinking about the communication and interaction we have with our patients. Simply put… we get to meet a lot of cool people! When Dr. Scott and I moved to the Virginia Beach area we only knew one person (and really it was him that only knew one person) and we started a life for ourselves. Twists and turns occurred in the first 3-4 months and I found myself searching for an office to build our dreams. Who knew we’d end up in, what I consider one of the best parts of Virginia Beach, but we get to meet a variety of wholesome and hardworking individuals. To our military patients, thank you for your service and giving us the opportunity to help you. To our elder patients, thank you for giving us the opportunity to use our hands to help you move better, feel better, and live better. To our families of patients, thank you for trusting us with your loved ones. And to our staff, thank you for providing the quality of care that we feel is a standard that must be upheld for our community. I have a couple of stories…


I had the unique and honored privilege to work on a patient that was not only the toughest woman I’ve ever known, but one of the funniest too! Sadly, the world lost this amazing person at the young age of 43 just this year as she was finally taken by cancer. She fought like no one I know. I can count at least 4 times that she came into the office and shared with me “it’s back,” but she never gave up her fight. Jenna had a unique form of cancer that resulted in the removal of a significant amount of muscle around the left side of her neck. This was early on in the 4-6 years that I treated her on and off. My story relates to the first time I adjusted her neck post-surgery. The scar tissue that had built up from the procedures was extensive. The lack of muscle resulted in altered mechanics and range of motion leaving Jenna in a significant amount of chronic pain. For all of my chiropractic colleagues out there… this was a scary neck to work on! The first time we agreed to try manual manipulation I felt the lump in my throat as I placed my hands in the proper position on her neck. I prayed… that’s all I could think to do… that I would help her feel relief. She breathed in and out and BAM! I moved that neck. I don’t think I breathed until I saw the smile erupt on her face and her eyes tear up as she exclaimed “Damn girl! That felt amazing!!” My eyes welled up and we had a good laugh that it was a good thing I didn’t break her. Her response was simply “I trusted you and anything was going to feel better than what I’ve been going through.” We continued to manipulate her neck in between surgeries and other cancer treatments. To this day, I thank Jenna for giving me the confidence to trust my heart and hands that I would do my best for her. Every time I adjusted her neck she would thank me and say “See you in two weeks!” All of the massage therapists that had the pleasure of working with her made a huge impact as well. Without that quality massage prior to her adjustments, it would have been more challenging for me to induce the movement needed. As always, team work prevails… She will always be remembered as one of my favorite patients.


NaomiI LOVE working with children… of all ages. I started going to a chiropractor around 12 years of age. My swimming career and a pesky neck that likes to give me headaches inspired my parents to give it a try. It is my goal with every baby, toddler, and adolescent to provide a positive experience so they can gain the benefits of chiropractic care as they grow into adults. I feel honored to say that the youngest patient I have worked on (other than our daughter) was only 4 days old. He broke the record set by his older brother who was only 11 days old when I first saw him. Now for those of you not familiar with chiropractic, it’s a totally different adjustment than how adults are treated. Gentle and specific is the plan of action with kids. My story relates to our very own Whitney, Body Logic’s Customer Service Coordinator. Her daughter, Naomi, was born in September 2015. Whitney brought her in for her first adjustments around 2 weeks old. Naomi was such a little peanut… but wiggly! I performed my typical mobilizations and placed her on her stomach along my legs to evaluate her pelvis and hips. Within what seemed like seconds little Naomi was fast asleep on my legs!! One of the greatest benefits of chiropractic care is the relaxation it provides the nervous system. For a little infant just trying to make it in this big, bad world a relaxed nervous system is a blessing! It was one of the most precious chiropractic moments I’ve had. I thank ALL the parents out there that have trusted me with their children. Whether an infant or a teenager, I now understand as a mom how terrifying it is to trust someone with your child. It is an honor to help your family.


Just like children, I have a special place in my heart for my elder patients. The treatment approach taken with this population can be very different than younger patients. Quality of life and performing the activities of daily living become the primary focus. “D” started treatment at the young age of 79. To be honest she has one of the worst backs I have ever seen. Her scoliosis had progressed considerably due to a lack of muscle strength and poor posture by the time my hands got on her. I had a challenge in front of me. We worked mostly seated as she could not tolerate lying down due to her curvatures. I manually mobilized hearing audible releases at times and utilized the Activator. What amazed me the most was her constant determination and motivation to be young again. I look back at the hours we spent together over 4 years of treatment and I think I gained more than she did. The stories I heard… and heard again as she slowly declined with dementia. The strong language she used at times always gave me a chuckle as I wouldn’t expect it! And the wisdom she shared as a woman and the challenges she faced over the years further motivated me to continue moving forward and growing as an individual. Sometimes it’s just the talking that can help a patient feel better and I think that was my primary role for “D.” Although I don’t treat her anymore as she now lives in an assisted living home, I still get updates from her son. I feel blessed that she crossed my path and I will always remember the wisdom and laughs she shared.

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Communication and Chiropractic Care

Communication in today’s medical industry is much different than it was just 10 years ago. We are considering text message reminders for patients!? Unfortunately, I feel that the change in communication and the stress placed on our medical professionals is starting to result in patients feeling less engaged in their own health. At Body Logic, we strive to develop a strong relationship with our patients and clients so they know we have their health as our top priority.

While attending chiropractic school, Dr. Scott and I were trained in a variety of different techniques for communicating with patients. There was a strong emphasis on “listening.” We were told “Listen to your patients. They will tell you the diagnosis and your examination simply confirms it.” Now, I should clarify that a patient telling us that he diagnosed himself by googling his symptoms is not what I am referencing. The questions we ask during a consultation and the health history provided is where we gather our information to determine the diagnosis. This is exactly why our new patient appointments are 45 minutes long. We need time to listen… and ask all of those questions!

Sometimes, our questions may seem unrelated, but we have a method to our madness! For example, inquiring about a patient’s diet and water intake is not because we’re nosy. The answers help us understand and analyze sources of irritation to the body. Hydration status, or the amount of water a person drinks, has a direct effect on the health and function of the muscles. A patient’s diet has a direct effect on inflammation within the body which can directly impact pain levels. In order to help our patients to the best of our ability we need to use communication as a diagnostic tool.

One of the advantages of running our own practice is scheduling a greater amount of time for subsequent patient visits. Many chiropractic practices limit doctor-patient interaction to only 5 minutes. We have found greater success and faster results by providing additional time allowing for continued communication throughout treatment. Our patients deserve the time needed to improve their health and reach their goals. In the new space we will continue to provide high quality care and not sacrifice interactions with our patients.



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About the Body Logic Logo and Colors

06212016Do you ever stop and look at the color choices and designs that a business uses to represent itself? It can have a direct impact on whether or not a customer chooses to do business with you. As I learned more and more about business over the years, I realized how important those choices can be. Here’s a little insight into how and why we chose the logo and colors you see today.

Our Logo!

First, I was blessed to have met the wonderful Becky Vasquez when I first starting working with Body Logic. She was one of the original staff members that helped pave the way for my entry. She also happens to be very talented in the graphic design industry. So, she was hired! She designed my original logo for “Chiropractic with Care” when I first started practicing. Then as I took over Body Logic, I wanted to make a positive and meaningful change…  And the new Body Logic logo took shape from the fine work of Becky again. Thank you!!

Although the logo is relatively simple, the background image has so much meaning. Here’s a little insight to what I see… and I hope you see the same things!

  1. The spine- When you place the logo on its end, the 3 curves mimic those of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions of the spine. The spine is literally the “backbone” of the body and without a properly functioning spine our health is compromised. We are here to help keep you aligned!
  2. DNA- Although we didn’t include the intertwining portion of the double helix that, the two parallel lines with the connecting pieces are a similar representation. I am a firm believer that we have the power to control the expression of our genes. Yes, we are subject to the cards that have been dealt to us by our parents. However, through lifestyle and the choices we make, we have the ability to control how those genes are expressed. We want to help empower you to take control of your health.
  3. The Path of Life- Everyone leads a different journey based on the decisions we make. Whether those decisions are regarding family, career, or just fun they will have an impact on our health. We’re all human and make good and bad choices along the way. We are here to help you make decisions that will have a positive impact on your health.

Our Colors!color choices

I must admit that the original Body Logic colors were blue and green, just different shades of what we use now. So I went with it… especially because those are my favorite colors. Over time, however, just like our slogan those colors started to have different meaning. As we prepare for the new office, color choices become a big topic of conversation. Appearance has a significant effect on how people feel. And when you’re in the business of helping people feel better, simple things like the color on the wall become big decisions. You will see blues and greens throughout the new office design and, as you will see below, those colors are quite appropriate for our industry. Here’s a little insight to the color choices, as per

Blue- Blue is considered beneficial for the body and mind as it produces a calming effect. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Light blue in particular is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness. Simply said, this color is perfect for our office. We strive to provide the comfort and calmness that the general population seems to crave. We hope that everyone who walks through our doors feel that sense of tranquility that is lacking in today’s world. In the new space, you will notice different shades of blue throughout the office.

Green- Green has great healing power. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. It is considered the most restful for the human eye and suggests stability and endurance. Green has a strong emotional correspondence with safety. Interestingly, aqua is said to be associated with emotional healing and protection. Although we are a facility that focuses on the musculoskeletal system, it is so important we keep the entire person, including their mind, into consideration while working on their health-driven goals.

Body Logic is here to provide an environment for each chiropractic patient and each massage client to feel safe and to trust that we have their healthcare needs as our top priority. The visual appeal of the new office space will help you feel healthy and at ease. We hope that the colors will soften your concerns and heighten your confidence that you are in the right place. Let us be your partner in your health.

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Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Have you ever noticed that we have a slogan at Body Logic? As we transition into the new building, you will see it incorporated more and more throughout the space.

Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

The addition of the slogan occurred during a meeting with fellow business owners. We were all working together to define our business “cultures” in our respective fields. I must admit that ours came to us quickly. However, the true feeling behind the message is always growing and adapting as we continue to grow within our practice and lives.

Here’s some insight as to where the slogan originated. It is our goal to help you move better, so you can feel better, and in turn live better.


Movement. Motion. Mobility. Whichever word you use to describe it, the ability to move is an essential part of life. Movement occurs on some level in every living organism. It can occur in a very obvious manner such as running on the beach or on the microscopic level as nerves transmit impulses. For example, when the body recognizes elevated blood sugar and a message moves to the pancreas to release insulin. Movement is necessary.

Chiropractic has the ability to have a positive influence on the body in both categories. Spinal manipulation is proven to increase mobility in the vertebral joints (the “obvious” example) which allows for the spinal nerves to have a clearer communication with its destination (microscopic example).

Massage has an incredible impact on movement as well. Therapeutic techniques improve circulation including blood flow and lymphatic flow. Improved circulation affects not only the muscles and joints, but also the heart and other vital organs of the body.

Our goal is to optimize the ability to move in every body we have the pleasure of helping.


Movement accounts for many positive events within the body. One of the best examples is when endorphins, a group of hormones, are released during exercise. The term “runner’s high” describes the euphoric feeling experienced when those hormones circulate and activate the body’s opiate receptors causing an analgesic or “feel good” effect. The chiropractic adjustment is shown to result in feeling better not only due to the movement induced, but also because endorphins are released.

“Feel Better” also relates to the mental and emotional components associated with physical pain. The strain on an individual experiencing chronic or severely acute pain is enormous. Chiropractic and massage have the ability to provide, at minimum, temporary relief and, ideally, long term relief or successful management of chronic conditions. Providing pain free moments for an individual suffering from chronic pain is one of our greatest gifts.  Having a positive effect on the sympathetic nervous system (our “fight or flight” center) allows a person to relax on the microscopic level. It is our goal to help everyone have a little “feel better” in their lives.


I was raised with the values of whatever aspect of life may be challenged, be true to yourself and choose the option best for your body, mind, and spirit. I wish this for everyone. Daily we are faced with challenges and choices. The result of our decisions has either a positive or negative effect on us. Moving better and feeling better provide for an environment capable of promoting more positive choices.

These decisions can be as simple as choosing to go for a walk and getting fresh air instead of sitting and watching mindless tv. Another example is choosing the salad instead of the French fries because your joints hurt due to the body’s inflammatory response to fried foods.

Chiropractic and massage clearly have the ability to improve movement and promote feeling better from the hands on care. We, at Body Logic, focus our energy on the individual person and work as your partner in achieving your health and wellness goals. Body Logic is here to help you move better, so you can feel better, and live better as you experience life at its fullest capacity.

…And that’s why we have our slogan.

New Office

The Journey


Body_Logic_Photographs-104-1024x682-300x199I write this introduction to Body Logic’s “Progression Blog” with shear excitement, nervousness, and pride.  Since I first stepped foot into the former Body Logic (March/April 2009), my dreams began to take shape. I was an eager recent graduate with the drive and motivation to help every person I put my hands on. Little did I know how quickly many lessons would be learned.

As students, we were extremely well educated to be the doctors we are today. In fact, did you know that chiropractors actually have more classroom hours than medical doctors? Did you know that our hands-on experience makes us specialists, even experts, when it comes to spinal health? But, I digress. Although we are highly educated doctors, to be blunt, we didn’t get a lick of business education! This was quickly realized as I was faced with the challenge of finding patients. After spending a couple of months trying to figure out how to market myself, grow a practice from scratch, and understand the complicated world of insurance I felt intimidated by my dreams. So, I took the pro-active approach and teamed up with the Small Business Development Center located in downtown Norfolk. My learning progressed exponentially. After my first 18 months in Body Logic, I took over the business. Thanks to the kindness and guidance of Jim Browning, former owner, and the stars aligning, I became the sole owner of the now established Body Logic Massage and Chiropractic on September 1, 2010.

I repeat, little did I know how quickly many lessons would be learned. When I first started out my original practice “Chiropractic With Care,” I did it all- answered the phone, scheduled appointments, took payment, submitted insurance claims, balanced the books, marketed, etc. Once ownership changed hands, I had a staff to work with… and train!  Being in the business of people is such a dynamic process. The ups and downs, the emotions of working with an all-female staff, the frustrations of non-compliant patients, the frustrations of clients not showing up for massages, and the responsibility of providing for employees… wow! In the almost 6 years of being a “boss” I have to say THANK YOU to everyone that has worked for and with me. I have learned so much and I continue to learn daily. Every staff member, employee, and independent contractor has contributed to the growth of Body Logic. Whether through the growth of our valued clients and patients or through the lessons learned by making mistakes and working through misunderstandings, without you I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Let’s fast forward to May of 2012… the addition of Dr. Scott, to whom I owe my biggest thanks. He may have thought I was a bit crazy for taking on the endeavor of owning a practice, but his support, guidance, and motivation contribute to the drive behind my ability to continue progressing. Not only am I lucky to have him as my partner in life (as of October 2012), but as my partner in practice. His extraordinary skills as a doctor have helped Body Logic provide superb care to the Virginia Beach community and he will continue to do so for many years to come.

13177769_1167542083291141_1618743795356653104_nOver the last four years, our Body Logic family has continued to grow. More and more people are experiencing the compassion and healing that our office provides. Our personal family has grown with the addition of Abby, now 2 years old. We had the pleasure of watching Monica, one of our former massage therapists grow her family, with the addition of her daughter, Cameron. Lastly, Whitney, Body Logic’s Customer Experience Coordinator, welcomed her daughter, Naomi, in September 2015, who is fast becoming one of my favorite patients. And we’re not satisfied yet… we want our growth to continue!


We announced on May 1, 2016 that Body Logic will be moving to a new location. We have reassured the community that it won’t be far. If you’ve noticed the construction next to Tractor Supply behind the Food Lion across the street, you found it! We will be renting 2003 sq. ft. (over 400 sq. ft. more than our current office). The change in location, change in office design, and continued drive to support others in achieving their health goals, will allow us to help even more of our beloved Virginia Beach community. A few exciting features will include: space for education purposes which will be available for one-on-one or group settings, a private office for me to further my clinical nutrition practice, and updated equipment to further enhance your experience at Body Logic.81adff40-32a1-427f-8679-4568aa7ed018

As my introduction to our progression blog comes to a close, I realize that I have so many stories to share. It will be a bitter sweet goodbye to 2004 Sandbridge Rd. Suite 103. I will be eternally grateful to the Wernicks for their support over the last 7+ years. As a person and as a doctor I have changed so much, but I have not lost my passion to help others obtain a healthier lifestyle. We will continue to provide updates as we transition into the build-out phase of construction (tentatively July) and will share the final moving date once confirmed (tentatively September). It’s going to be an exciting few months ahead. I extend heartfelt thanks to everyone for their support as I continue to dream… there are only good things to come!

-Dr. Amanda

The NEW ADDRESS will be:  2090 Princess Anne Rd. Suite 120, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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