The chiropractors at Body Logic are highly experienced in diagnosing and treating athletic injuries. Dr. Meyers has personal experience as a Division I NCAA athlete, and Dr. Kuper has worked as a Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer for multiple sports in a wide variety of clinical settings. Chiropractic medicine decreases pain and speeds recovery from injuries including acute joint sprains, muscle pulls and strains, chronic overuse issues like tendonitis and fascitis, neck and back pain, and much more.

Treatment of athletic injuries often includes therapeutic modalities such as electric muscle stimulation, kinesology taping to support the joints and muscles, trigger point release, and FAKTR protocols. The doctors also focus on injury prevention through proper body mechanics, and provide nutritional information and all natural supplements to repair and energize your body.

Body Logic’s staff of licensed massage therapists can assist in post-workout recovery through therapeutic sports massage, or help you relax after a hard workout. The expertise of the doctors and therapists at Body Logic make Body Logic the place to be in Virginia Beach for all ages of competitive athletes and weekend warriors alike.



Body Logic Massage and Chiropractic is teaming up with Team Elite Strength and Conditioning to help you “Be Fit – Be Strong – Be Fast – Be ELITE!”. Since opening in March 2008, Team Elite’s mission has been and continues to be fitness for all age groups. Whether it’s Personal Training, Sports Performance Training, Bootcamps or Military Fitness Preparation, Team Elite will help each and every person reach their fitness goals!

If you are a current client of Team Elite, mention it to the doctors at your first appointment and your consultation and examination will be completely complimentary!

New clients of Team Elite mentioning referral from Body Logic will receive 10% of any of Team Elite’s services/packages. Please visit their website at for more information.