Membership Program

Membership Program and Prices

We are able to offer a substantial reduction in cost for massage services through participation in our membership program. As a member, the reduced price of one massage is deducted from a checking or savings account once per month. This decreases the expense of credit card processing fees and allows us to lower the cost for members. If you chose to have more than one massage per month, you still pay the reduced membership rate if paid by cash or check.  Members may choose to upgrade their session to a different style of massage on an appointment-to-appointment basis when scheduling, and simply pay the difference in price of the membership rate at the time of the service.   If you happen to miss a month due to travel or other extenuating circumstances, you may upgrade your next month’s 60 min membership massage to a 90 min massage.  For more information, please read through our Membership FAQ’s.

Membership Prices

Level I- Swedish Massage $44.95 for 60 min, $74.95 for 90 min
Level II- Integrative Massage $54.95 for 60 min, $84.95 for 90 min
Level III- Deep Tissue Massage $59.95 for 60 min, $89.95 for 90 min

Membership Program FAQ’s

How is it paid for?

We will draft your checking or savings account once per month. Since we are not processing credit cards it allows us to lower the cost.

Can I get more than one massage per month?

Absolutely! With the significantly lowered price, we encourage you to come in as often as you desire.

How do I pay the other times that I come in?

To receive the membership rate, you are asked to pay with cash or check to avoid the processing fees. If you know that you are going to come in more than once per month, every month, then we suggest the draft system, which we can adjust based on your needs.

Can I carry over if I miss a month?

Hopefully this will not happen – The benefits of regular massage are such that we would strongly discourage allowing this to happen. However, if it does and you miss a month, you may upgrade your 60 minute massage to a 90 minute. the following month. But only one month!

Can my husband or wife use my membership?

We provide an exception for the spouse and will allow the use of your membership if you know you will not be able to make it. However, we discourage this and suggest setting up a draft for your significant other. We want you to gain the benefits of regular massage!