Sports Massage

Athletes often experience discomfort from overuse of certain parts of the body due to repetitive stress or aggressive movements. Many athletes find that incorporating regular massage into their workout and competition schedule helps improve performance by increasing muscular endurance and flexibility. Sports massage targets the specific needs of athletes before and after competition. Whether you are a world-class competitor or a weekend warrior, this type of massage will tailor to the demands of your sport.

Sports massage will use several types of strokes at varying levels of pressure, and incorporates stretching and movement into the massage. Pre-event sports massage can help reduce the risk of injury, improve range of motion, and prepare the body for your upcoming event. Post-event sports massage can help reduce muscle soreness and speed recovery after competition by decreasing spasm and inflammation, and increasing blood flow to the muscles.

Regular price: $50 for 30 min, $70 for 60 min, $100 for 90 min