Nutrition Resources at Body Logic

The science of Nutrition is a complex, fascinating, and developing area of study. As a population, we are making it more and more complicated on a daily basis. Here are 4 factors that have an impact on an individual’s nutritional … Continued

Essential Oil Blend for Joint Pain and Muscle Discomfort

For many people, pain is an everyday thing. Keeping up with pain meds and not seeing relief is a way of life for many people. One of our goals is to help people to feel better in their daily lives … Continued

Chiropractic and Massage: A Perfect Match

What chiropractic care is for the joints, massage therapy is to the muscles. Regular adjustments help to keep the structure of the body in place and to free restrictions. But what do you do if the restrictions are cause by … Continued

Upcoming Events

October 5th-11th: Body Logic will be closed in order to move into and prepare the new building for our Re-Opening on October 12th. October 22nd: Grand Opening Family Fun Day from 1PM-5PM at the new office located at 2090 Princess … Continued

October: National Chiropractic Health Month

  At Body Logic we find it quite appropriate that the “big move” is occurring during National Chiropractic Health Month! In honor of celebrating the great results chiropractic care can provide, below are a few specifically selected facts provided by the American Chiropractic … Continued

Back to School Contest

To celebrate the start of the new school year, stop in to the Body Logic office this month and guess the number of crayons in the container. The closest guess without going over will win a FREE 60 Minute Swedish … Continued

Spiced Carrot Brain Power Soup

This delicious soup is not only great for the Fall months but is also packed with vitamins and nutrients that help with memory and verbal skills. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 cup chopped yellow onion 1 pound large carrots, … Continued

Coming Events

  The time is drawing very near That we will be leaving here Into a place that is bigger, shiny, and NEW! But first there is something we must do. Please don’t be set aback, But we really, REALLY need … Continued

Essential Oils for Back to School

These essential oils will help your little learners do better in school and help your sanity in the process! Peppermint & Wild Orange – This is a very powerful combo to help with getting everyone awake, out of bed, and … Continued

Back to School Basics

I recently heard someone reference “September is the new January.”  And, let’s be honest, it’s very true! When you have kids, your schedule no longer matters. It’s all about the school year, what days are holidays, and the countdown until … Continued