October Massage Special

Help Body Logic give our troops a great treat this Halloween! We are collecting candy to send to the servicemen and women. Bring in 10 “fun size” bags of candy or 1 variety pack bag of candy to your scheduled … Continued

Keep Your Bones Strong With Standard Process

Calcium Lactate Calcium Lactate supports absorption of calcium and magnesium. Supports muscle contraction and nerve conduction Supports maintenance and function of cell membranes and membrane permeability Supports blood coagulation Supports proper functioning of enzyme systems Supports and helps maintain healthy … Continued

October Fun Facts

Did You Know… October 30th is Haunted Refrigerator Night! Once a year you face what scary leftovers lurk in your “kitchen morgue.” Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy a year for Halloween. Frozen’s, Elsa, is the number one … Continued

Spooky Bananas!

What You Need: – Large Bananas – Vanilla Yogurt – Mini Chocolate Chips (for eyes) – Popsicle Sticks – Wax Paper What You Do: – Cut bananas in half and freeze for 30 minutes – Insert Popsicle stick – Dip … Continued

Chiropractic Can Help Manage Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

By Dr. Amanda Meyers-Kuper   As each October passes more and more people become aware of the pink ribbon and what it stands for… the strength of the many women that endure breast cancer. Some enter remission, some continue to … Continued

Supplements for Healthy Aging

Trace Minerals B-12 Trace Minerals-B12 combines important nutrients to support enzymatic reactions in the body. Spectrum of minerals that support a healthy body Provides essential cofactors for healthy cell functioning Provides iodine, which is required for healthy thyroid, spleen, and … Continued

September Fun Facts

Did You Know….. Tomatoes are very high in the carotenoid Lycopene; eating foods with carotenoids can lower your risk of cancer. At birth, we are generally born with 350 bones in our skeleton, as we grow and age, bones fuse … Continued

Skinny Veggie Lasagna

Prep time:  10 mins   Cook time:  50 mins   Total time:  1 hour   Serves: 9 Ingredients: 3 cups chopped veggies of your choice ½ chopped onion 2 tablespoons minced garlic 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 cup low fat ricotta cheese 1 egg … Continued

Healthy Aging

By Dr. Scott Kuper Everyone wants to live a long life, but nobody likes growing old. With advances in modern medicine the average lifespan continues to get longer, but what good are those extra years if your failing health doesn’t … Continued

Keep Your Immune System Strong

Daily Fundamentals General Health Packs It’s challenging to keep up a supplement regimen,so we’ve developed the General Health DailyFundamentals convenience packs. Each box contains a 30-day supply of Catalyn, Tunaomega-3 oil, and Trace Minerals-B12. It’s maintenance made easy. Imagine yourself … Continued