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At Body Logic, we focus on improving and maintaining movement as your body adapts and overcomes the challenges that you face! We want to help you move better, feel better, and live better!

COVID 19 Updates

It is our priority to keep our patients and staff as safe and healthy as possible. Please click here to view Body Logic’s modified schedule effective October 2020 until further notice.

Chiropractic Care

Suffering from an acute injury? Managing a chronic condition? Or trying to achieve optimal wellness? Body Logic offers high quality chiropractic care with a wellness approach.

Nutrition & Wellness

Searching for energy to get through the day? Battling the weight gain? Or trying to achieve optimal wellness? Body Logic provides access to the best whole food nutritional supplements available.

You Don’t Have To
“Just Deal With It”

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for seeking chiropractic care. Tight muscles, headaches, and numbness and tingling in the extremities are examples of symptoms that people often “just deal with.”

Did you know that chiropractors can evaluate and treat these symptoms and many other conditions? In order to address the underlying cause of the problem, the entire body’s health and wellbeing need to be considered. Simply put, it’s all connected!

Understanding how your bones and muscles work together to help you move is important for long-term wellness management. Educating our patients is key to helping you help yourself.

We can provide you the tools to no longer “just deal with it!” Find out all the benefits of chiropractic care for yourself!

Increase Your Range Of Motion

Decrease Your Pain Level

Improve Your Performance

Enhance Overall Health

Client Reviews

I always joke that I come into Body Logic for my adjustments feeling like Humpty Dumpty. But it’s really true. I live in constant pain from a past injury and subsequent botched surgery, yet Dr. Scott puts me back together and I feel like a million bucks. It’s priceless when you find someone who helps give you back your quality of life when you thought it was lost indefinitely. The Body Logic family IS my family.


I love being a part of helping people live their best lives and I enjoy being part of a team who believes in that same philosophy. I don’t know who gets more out of the therapy, my client’s or myself. I love the conversations, the cases I get to handle, the staff and the contagious energy that the practice holds. Body Logic is a therapeutic gift, how you see us interact with each other is how we are on a daily basis. Wellness is fun, and we love getting to be part of our patients’ journey!


Affordable Rates

First Visit $90-$150
Follow Up $40-$90

Navigating the insurance world can be difficult! Not all insurance policies are easy to understand and not all insurance companies provide the same benefits.

At Body Logic, we participate with some of the major health insurance companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and Medicare. Our administrative staff can help you determine if utilizing your health insurance policy is possible to supplement costs.

For patients that don’t have insurance coverage and benefits for chiropractic care, we provide self-pay rates that are very reasonable.

Self-pay cost is based on the treatment plans created and recommended by your doctor. With an individualized approach to treatment plans, costs may vary from one patient to another. We will work with you to find the best approach at a rate that is affordable for you.

We make A Winning Team

Getting Started Is Easy!

We are excited for you to discover how we can help you move better, feel better, and live better! The process is simple, treatments are beneficial, and living better is the reward.

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