Massage is the use of pressure on superficial layers of connective tissue and of deeper layers of muscle. The purposes of massage include relaxation, the promotion of tissue healing, improvement of muscle function, and for enhancing the body’s state of well-being. In massage, the therapist will apply a variety of pressures along the body in many different ways. The pressure may be stationary or moving, meaning it may involve holding tension on a certain spot, kneading across an area, or percussing the spot being treated.

Massage can target a number of systems in your body. The expected target areas are your muscles, but massage therapy also can affect your ligaments and tendons, as well as your skin and the fascia beneath that connects your skin to your muscles and your muscles to your tendons and ligaments. Massage can also help your lymphatic system and digestive system as well. In addition, massage therapy can help your joints move better and feel better, including your hands, feet, hips, knees, and shoulders.

At Body Logic, we have several nationally certified and Virginia licensed Massage Therapists. We offer several different styles of massage in which the therapist tailors your entire session to suit your particular needs. After a brief consultation to discuss your individual goals, the massage therapist will perform the treatment accordingly.  Our services include 30, 60, and 90 minute sessions of the following massage styles: